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Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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Do you like distressed jeans? I love them in warm weather.

But, in the cold weather I am having in my part of the world lately, they are not great. It is too cold for exposed knees.

Before and after

Distressed jeans

It is painfully cold where I live. Like it hurts my face when I go outside. These holes would cause me to freeze to death out in the cold.

What can we do to fix that?

Upcycling distressed jeans

I thought it would be fun to fill in the holes with some red heart fabric.

It would be cute for Valentine's Day but it would be great all year round too.

Upcycling distressed jeans

I started by turning the jeans inside out. I cut the red pieces large enough to cover the holes and extend out beyond them.

I needed the red pieces to be bigger than the holes. I will use that extra fabric around the holes to secure it all together.

I used pieces of Iron-on Hem Tape to keep the red pieces in place while I was working.

I ironed the red pieces to the inside of the jeans. You could also use pins to hold the pieces together.

Iron-on adhesive

Iron-on hem tape is easy to use and inexpensive. You just need an iron to make it adhere to your fabric.

Upcycling distressed jeans

It looked like this from the outside. The red fabric peeks out through the holes and covers the leg.

That is just what I wanted. But I also wanted to do a little more to highlight the red fabric.

Upcycling distressed jeans

I wanted to do some visible mending. I started using red thread in my sewing machine and red embroidery thread by hand. I wanted a combination of different stitches.

I thought it would be more fun that way. This stitching adds some color to my jeans but it also connects the red fabric to the jeans and makes them much stronger than the iron-on hem tape could alone. 

Upcycling distressed jeans

Here is a look at the different stitching. I stopped because I used all the red embroidery thread I had on hand.

When I ran out of red thread, I had to stop. I love the messy free form look of the mending. The pops of bright red are so fun.

Upcycled heart jeans

Upcycled heart jeans

I thought the end result was a fun casual look that was great for Valentine's Day and more.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. Let me know in the comments how your jeans upcycle goes!

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Suggested materials:
  • Distressed Jeans   (My Closet)
  • Thread   (Sewing Supply Store)
  • Iron-on Hem Tape   (Sewing Supply Store)

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