WOW!! This Dress Hack is so Unexpected but I LOVE IT

This fashion hack is great for a simple button up dress. Many of these dresses come with thin belts but you won't need the belt, instead grab a nice chain or even a cute silk scarf would work.

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Start with any plain button up dress like this one is a solid color and very simple so perfect for this hack.

Fold the top half of your dress into the bottom and twist it so that the dresses buttons are in the back now

The belt loops for your dress will come in handy now so grab them and make sure they're even on both of your sides.

I am using a gold chain you can use gold or silver whichever you have. I'm putting the chain through the belt loops to turn the dress into a halter.

Here's a front view

Here's a back view, see how the buttons are straight down my back.

Now for extra style I am throwing a belt on top so that it shows off my waist more and is not so wide and loose.

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