How to Style Mom Jeans

Alyvia Adelynn
by Alyvia Adelynn

Mom jeans are really in at the moment. Once a second-choice pant, now people can’t get enough of their loose, roomy cut. They’re just as great for slouching around as they are for dressing up. I’m going to show you six easy to put together ways that you can style mom jeans.

Mom jeans style

Everyday vibes

This first look is a simple everyday one. I started with a button-up shirt. The buttons have a gold tint to them, so they go well with gold jewelry, like the necklace I’m wearing. I threw a cashmere jacket over the top and the mom jeans I thrifted. For shoes, I’m wearing my favorite platform Chelsea boots. This is a super simple, get-up-and-go look and a great easy way to style mom jeans.

High-waisted mom jeans style

Relaxed blazer

Here I went with something a tiny bit more dressed up and chic due to the pinstripe blazer. This look is a perfect example of how you can seamlessly combine more casual and dressy elements in the same outfit. I finished the look off with a pair of white sneakers, my default shoe choice these days.

Style mom jeans

Ankle length trench

This is a comfy look that you can layer and build up. I’m wearing a fitted crew neck, and I threw a thrifted trench coat on top, which brings everything together. Coats, hats, jewelry, and bags really add to a look. Here I’m wearing a dad hat because I love the dad vibe. On my feet, I have on the same white sneakers as before, but I think that any white shoe would look great with this.

Styling mom jeans

Oversized hoodie

In this lookbook, I wanted to feature an oversized sweater. Word of caution, if anyone is short like myself (I’m 5’1’) be careful with this look. It might be better for someone who is a little bit taller since all of this clothing kind of consumes your whole body and can make you look shorter. I’m wearing a cream hoodie, but I think that any neutral-toned hoodie would look cute. I threw over a faux leather shacket which is very textured and shiny. I love the dad/oversized/boyish vibe that we have going on here.

Easy mom jeans style

Graphic tee

This outfit gives me huge skater boy kind of vibes due to the thrifted Harley Davidson vintage tee and the belt. Any graphic tee would look good with this outfit. I tucked the tee under my bra to make it a little more cropped - which is very appropriate for my shortness as it lengthens my figure. My gold chain adds to that casual street style. I threw on a faux vegan leather trench coat to dress the outfit up and make it look a little more chic and mature.

Style straight leg mom jeans

White blouse

That brings us to the final look. I wanted to feature a white collared shirt. White-collared shirts are so trendy and so in at the moment. They are such an essential in your wardrobe, and I think that everyone should have one. I paired it with a fitted trench coat. I generally prefer a longer length when it comes to trench coats, but this one is also very nice.

And that's a wrap. I hope you like the six looks that I put together. I don't believe that fashion has to be complicated. You can dress well by sticking to staple, quality pieces that you love and mixing and matching them to create different outfits. Mom jeans won't be going out of fashion anytime soon, so pull yours out of the closet and turn them into a wardrobe essential.

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