How to Style Mom Jeans

Chrissie Milan
by Chrissie Milan

Mom jeans are all the rage right now and make a refreshing alternative to skinny jeans that have been the focus of attention for such a long time. Their loose fit makes them comfortable and they’re very easy to style. Here are my favorite ways to style mom jeans:

How to style mom jeans

Tank top

With my first look, I've contrasted the loose, baggy fit of the jeans with a tight tank top. I've also contrasted the cropped length of the top with a long flowy cardigan that falls to the knee. For shoes, I’ve thrown on a pair of chunky white high-top sneakers. The different elements come together really well, creating a harmonious look.

Styling mom jeans

White shirt

I've stuck with the crop top for the next outfit but have created a more summery look by switching up the sneakers for sandals and the cardigan for a white shirt. I love how oversized and flowy this white shirt is; it's absolutely perfect for a summer's day. This outfit also contains contrasting elements: the black contrasts with the white, and the masculine connotations of the baggy jeans and the oversized shirt are juxtaposed with the tight tank top that emphasizes my figure.

Easy mom jeans style

Oversized cardigan

For this look, I've kept on the white shirt but have buttoned it up and tucked it into the jeans to create a smarter appearance. Over the top, my outerwear is a cross between a cardigan and a coat, a coatigan if you will. It's warm and cozy and also gives off a bit of an edgy, alternative vibe. To finish off the look, I've added a belt to add some definition to the waist and a pair of platform boots.

Mom jeans style

Simple basics

This is one of those effortless minimal looks. I'm wearing a simple crop top and a pair of slip-on shoes with the jeans. Basic doesn't have to mean boring though, this outfit is so much more than the sum of its parts, and it all comes together really well.

Basic mom jeans style

Graphic tee

For something a bit more fun, I'm wearing a pair of black sneakers with a cheeky leopard print detail along the sides. I also have on a graphic white tee and an infinity scarf that is great for hiding in! This is one of those everyday looks that is so easy to put together and feels great to wear.

Outfits with mom jeans


I'm a big fan of scarves. Many people might not think of scarves as an obvious accessory as necklaces are more common to wear around the neck, but I'm all for the scarf making its comeback. In the first look here I'm wearing a short tartan scarf with the black t-shirt, and in the second look, I've gone for a longer Burberry scarf. You can really have so much fun with scarves as there are so many different options for length, color, material, and pattern. If you're a fan of wooly scarves or even silk scarves, then you could go for one of those instead.

Those are the looks that I have for you. Mom jeans are so easy to wear that you can pretty much wear them with anything. Stay true to your personal style and choose pieces that you love to wear. Remember also that contrast is an important thing to think about when putting outfits together. To ensure that your outfit doesn’t look bland, you’ll want to have different elements (whether that be fit, texture, color, etc.) that complement one another.

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