5 Jean Trends for 2022: Popular Styles of Jeans & How to Wear Them

In this style guide, we’re going to be talking about jean trends for 2022. I’ve got a ton of styling ideas for you all; from loose and baggy, to straight, skinny, and white, and even the odd flare in there too!

All the outfits are pretty relaxed, so very much everyday style, but there is an element of timeless elegance about them.

So, what jeans are in style for 2022? Let's take a look at the most popular jean styles for this year and how to wear them.

1. Loose jeans

One fashion trend that is going nowhere anytime soon would be loose fit or baggy denim jeans. These jeans are a style that has grown on me over time.

At first, like me, you might find it quite hard to peel yourself away from your skinnies, but after a bit of a play in the mirror with the styling, it’s easy to see the appeal.

Loose fit, baggy denim jeans are just insanely comfy!

Here, I’m styling a lighter pair that has a little bit of distressed detailing, which adds to the whole relaxed vibe. You can either run with that and go all-out everyday chic or contrast that worn-in look and add a touch of polish.

Three ways I would style these loose fit jeans are:

Wearing loose jeans with a blazer

With a blazer that adds a bit of a Parisian vibe to the look.

What jeans are in style for 2022?

Casual but chic with a long gray wool coat.

How to style loose fit jeans with a leather jacket

Super relaxed in sneakers, yet ticking the leather jacket fashion trend.

Casual outfit with baggy jeans

The second pair loose jeans I have are a darker wash. Like before, these can work both ways. Either quite dressed up or dressed down with trainers and a simple crew neck. 

How to style loose-fitting jeans in 2022

Whichever way of styling them you prefer, I advise you to have a pair of loose-fitting jeans in your wardrobe for 2022.

2. Straight leg jeans

Styling an outfit with straight jeans

These gray straight-leg jeans are quite a classic, and the fit is perfect. Here, I’ve gone for a tonal look, incorporating different shades of gray into my outfit. 

Style tip: high-waisted, straight jeans help elongate your shape. Tuck in your tops to exaggerate this.

How to wear straight-leg jeans in 2022

These are another pair of straight-leg jeans in a light blue wash. I’ve thrown a few caramel tones into the mix in this winter look.

3. White jeans

How to wear white jeans in winter

Next up, I wanted to take a look at white denim jeans. Yes, you can wear white jeans all year round!

If I want to feel a bit more elevated and polished, I’ll often go with a tonal look. But when I say tonal, it’s often more of a "50 Shades of Beige" kind of look.

I keep adding different textures with slightly different tones until I feel I’ve got the balance right. In all honesty, it is quite hard to overdo this look.

Style tip: going tonal is a great way to make a brighter accessory stand out.

White jeans outfit with a Breton top

The second way I love styling my white jeans in winter would be with stripes. Here I’ve gone for a thick Breton striped jumper. A nice finishing touch for a simple look like this is a classic camel coat.

Aside from adding in another texture, the richness of the caramel sits beautifully against the navy stripes and crispness of the white jeans.

White jeans in style for 2022

This is my third way to style white jeans, for a slightly warmer winter day. Blue and white together is one of my favorite combinations.

Keeping this look really nice and relaxed, I decided to leave that shirt out, and I opted for a jumper in a similar tone to layer over my shoulders.

For more outfit ideas, check out my previous tutorial on how to wear white jeans.

4. Skinny jeans

Are skinny jeans still in style in 2022?

Next up, I’ve got a pair of skinny jeans in dark indigo with a high waist. I find the fit flattering, and most importantly, I feel nice in them.

I’ve gone pretty oversized on my top half, which makes a nice balance with the skinny bottoms.

Using my blue coat to keep it tonal but fresh, wool to contrast with that cotton, and a feeling of oversized slouch with my jumper to give a nod to that trend without feeling overpowered by it.

Black skinny jeans with a camisole top outfit

In this look, I’ve paired black skinnies with a little camisole top underneath and a gold buttoned blazer over the top.

I love the length coming to the bottom of my hips; it feels like the most flattering point to stop.

How to wear skinny jeans in 2022

For more of an everyday look, I tend to keep these jeans super classic with a crisp white shirt and ballet flats.

Again, I love the length of it, particularly when I’m wearing something quite tight-fitting like these jeans on my bottom half. I would either add a jumper over my shoulders to keep it light...

Stylish outfit with black skinny jeans

...or, for more warmth, add my classic gray coat, which is tailored and suits the style of this look.

5. Flared jeans

Popular jeans style for 2022

Whether you’re in the love or the hate camp when it comes to flares, I thought that I would style a pair for you. This pair is high-waisted with button detail and pockets across the front.

Style tip: Bootcut jeans are a milder option for this trend.

How to rock the flared jean trend for 2022

This outfit is doing a little bit of everything for me. I feel really comfortable, I’m warm, I’m cozy, and I feel chic and put together.

Jean trends for 2022

There we have our jean trends for 2022. Which is your favorite?

Are you a fan of the loose and baggy looks I created, or are straight jeans more in your comfort zone? Maybe white jeans fill you with dread, or it’s skinny jeans all the way?

Let me know in the comments section which was your favorite outfit and which style of jeans you think you'll be wearing most this year.

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