See How I Recreated 2020 Winter Trends From Clothing I Already Owned

Gloria Gao
by Gloria Gao

The truth is, I don’t really care about trends when it comes to the day-to-day of wearing them. With nothing better to do, though, I decided to explore the current winter trends for 2020. When I talk about trends, it’s not about running out and buying no clothes, so put down that credit card. My goal is to adapt what’s already in my closet to fit what’s currently in style.

Winter 2020 fashion trends

Bohemian chic

To start off, I parted my hair down the middle to get that Bohemian vibe and put on a long black wool cardigan, which is the only long winter-appropriate dress I own. I added a brown crocodile belt around my waist to emulate the Chloe look. For shoes, I paired the outfit with suede over-the-knee boots. The key piece of this outfit is a crazy Bohemian coat that I bought about eight years ago. Finishing off the look is a pair of sunglasses on my head and a brown crocodile bag that matches my belt.  

Fall winter 2020 trends


For this look, I’m starting with a black turtleneck sweater and some black leather pants. I paired the look with black combat boots and a black leather jacket. To complete the look, I tied back my hair, so that it doesn’t get in the way when I hop onto my imaginary bike, and added a pair of black shades and black leather gloves.  

Fall winter 2020 fashion trends


This next look is under the romantic influence. I started the look with a ruffle blouse. I rarely wear this shirt because it takes so long to put on, but it’s perfect for this style. For the bottom half of the outfit, I threw a pair of black shorts over some sheer polka dot tights. Though this is a winter trend, the only wintery parts of this outfit are my black leather booties and black blazer. A black bucket hat and black chain bag really tie this look together. 

Winter trends 2020


This next style, though a winter trend, has nothing to do with cold weather. I put on a satin black dress and paired it with my killer high heeled boots. All that’s left to complete this edgy, hardcore look is a gold choker necklace. I guess when you’re this hardcore, you don’t feel the cold?

How to dress for winter 2020


This one is my favorite trend of winter 2020 because I love the Matrix style. A black satin blouse and black leather pants make up the base layer of this look. Black ankle boots elongate my legs and give the illusion that I’m tall and intimidating. Over the base layer, I added my long black wool coat. I tied back my hair and brought the look together with a pair of black shades, leather gloves, and a black leather handbag. 

Follow the 2020 winter trends


This is my next favorite trend, because who doesn’t want to be an evil queen?! I started this outfit with a black turtleneck sweater and black wide-leg pants. To look tall and intimidating, I threw on my black ankle boots, again. I layered the base outfit with my black faux fur coat, which is the closest thing I have to that cape look. Leather gloves really help pull together the evil witch vibe. 

Trends for winter 2020

Extreme fringing

Originally, I planned to skip this step because I don’t tend to wear fringe items. I realized, though, that I actually have a costume that works for the look. So I donned my Gatsby outfit and went with a 1920’s dress for this 2020 trend. I paired the dress with some white slingback heels and a white tweed jacket with silver trim, which goes really with the sequin of the dress. Despite the fact that I’m literally wearing a costume, I think this outfit turned out quite classy.

2020 winter trends


All right, these trends are starting to get crazy, but hey, crazy can be fun. So for this next outfit, I started with a sequin crop top and crazy ruffled skirt, which, incidentally, is also a costume. I put on a pair of black heels to help combat the extreme length of the skirt, and a black choker to emulate a Gucci look, as well as a black bowler hat. Looking like a gothic doll, I definitely think I nailed this trend. 

2020 trends for winter

Velvet night

I began this look with a black velvet dress and sheer black polka dot tights. Over the tights, I put on my black glitter boots and my look was complete. If you watch my 2019 winter trend video, you may see this exact outfit. It’s not my fault, though, that it worked for both last year’s 80’s trend, and this year’s velvet trend!

Recreate winter trends

Mini check

The last trend I chose to emulate is the mini check. The base layer for this outfit is a black wool sweater, and over it, I put on a houndstooth pantsuit. It’s not exactly mini checks, but I’ve got to work with what I have. I’ve worn this outfit a few times, and I was kind of tired of it, so I decided to transform it with a thin waist belt. I popped the collar of the blazer and used a bobby pin to hold it in place. To make sure I didn’t look like I was wearing a military uniform, I needed to accessorize with leather gloves, black shades, and a black leather bag.

Recreate 2020 winter trends

Best 2020 winter trends

There you have it: some of 2020’s most popular winter trends. Some of these trends I’m a lot more likely to wear than others. I love wearing black, so I’m a fan of some of the all-black looks. Some of the others are too impractical to wear, but still fun to try out. As I mentioned, my favorite two outfits were the Matrix look and the Maleficent look. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

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