Comfortable Airport Outfits for Traveling ✈

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by Just J Stylin Life

With the whole world shut down in 2020, travel was put on hold. With states and countries beginning to open up again, travel is starting to pick up again. People are booking flights and security lines are getting longer. While going through security and sitting on the plane for hours you want to be comfortable. That's exactly what these outfits were made for. These three outfits are the perfect combination of style and comfort to keep you comfortable while still looking cute.

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This is my perfect go-to travel outfit for many reasons. Sweatpants/joggers are so comfortable and not restricting or wedgie-inducing like shorts and they're pretty popular too. Graphic tees are super trendy right now and are also super comfy and loose fitting. And these white sneakers are so in style and are easy to take off at security. I always bring my large white checkered tote with me to carry all the loose odds and ends - and to have extra room for any additional items I may bring back.



This look is another stylish yet comfortable travel outfit. I paired a black jumpsuit with a denim jacket and the same white sneakers and tote bag as above. The jumpsuit is loose and allows room for movement without being tight. It feel's like you're wearing lounge clothes, but looks more publically acceptable. The denim jacket is the perfect addition to keep your warm in the ice cold airports while you wait for your flight. Bonus, it's super easy to take off if you get too warm!



This look is similar to the previous jumpsuit outfit but a little more bold. Once again this is more loose fitting and feels like you're in your comfy clothes... because, well, it IS comfy! I would recommend having a jacket with you as well in case it gets cold in the airport or on the plane. This exact jumpsuit is sold out but I've linked similar ones to choose from.


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  • Pattyb Pattyb on Jul 04, 2021

    Very cute ideas! But…I can’t imagine trying to go to the bathroom in a plane wearing a jumpsuit. 🙂

    • Just J Stylin Life Just J Stylin Life on Jul 06, 2021

      Thank you! Maybe these would be better for shorter trips then. I always use the airport bathroom before getting on the plane so I've never used a plane bathroom!