Elevating Loungewear

I will have to say, ever since having Kasen, I have been living in nothing but lounge clothes. Am I sorry, no, no I am not!

I have an inkling that this trend of elevated lounge is probably here to stay. Thanks SarV2! But who are we kidding, do we even mind?

The last thing anyone has been thinking about in the last three pandemic years is putting on jeans, so lounge it is. Can I also mention that clothes are uncomfortable? Who really were we trying to impress with those rigid jeans right!?

Okay, okkaaayy rant over! I have put together three of my absolute favorite ways to elevate a lounge look, and make it "going out" presentable.

I was able to snag these matching sets from Amazon, and boy are they the absolute best. I choose the neutral tones that seem to play at my heart strings, and they work so well.

Add a Jacket

It is already pretty frigid outside, and by adding a simple jacket, you can elevate any lounge look.

Outfit Details

Add the Shoes

Boots or heels can be added to lounge looks to make them seem more... sophisticated. It is a simple addition to any style but still be completely comfortable.

Outfit Details


Is anyone going to argue with me about adding a wide brim hat to an outfit. Didn't think so, HAHAHA! Add those accessories! It doesn't have to necessarily be a hat, it can be as simple as jewels! But adding them can really spice up a style!

Outfit Details

How do you feel about this trend? Are we going to be rocking the pandemic style going into 2022?

Let me know what other style you would love to see this year by commenting below!

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