3 Ways To Style "Flared Leggings" A.k.a Yoga Pants

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior
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You may have noticed that yoga pants are back in style... but they've been given a new name, "Flared Leggings."

I love when trends circle back and we have the chance to reminisce on old fashion trends while wearing our clothes in fresh new ways.

So here are three completely different ways to style the same pair of pants...

"Dark Academia"

This style has crept its way into my heart. It's similar to a preppy look with more maturity.

The best way to rook the Dark Academia style is with collars underneath crew necks, neutral tones (like black, navy blue, and browns), patterns like check or houndstooth, and a smart shoe like oxfords or loafers.

"Street Style"

This style is one you expect to see on "it" girls as they grab a cup of coffee in the morning. With a few style tips, you too can be an "it" girl...

Wear a baggy sweater or shirt but tuck it up into your pants, bra, or use an elastic, pair your look with sneakers, and add a bag with a pop of color.

This look is put together but super comfy!

"Cool Kid"

This style is young and fun. Pull your hair up, chuck on your Chuck Taylor's and throw a cropped jacket over a simple back top.

This look is about having fun and not trying too hard, so you can hardly go wrong here!

Let me know how your style adventure goes!


Ms. Melior

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