3 Creative Ways To Use Extra Scraps Of Fabric

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by Just J Stylin Life

If you're like me, you probably have a whole container of random scraps and pieces of fabric that were never used but you couldn't throw away. You have no idea what you'll use them for, but you keep them anyways. Anyone else? 🙋‍♀️ So I was trying to get creative and think of different ways to use a simple pieces of scrap fabric.

All you need is a piece of scrap fabric or two. I cut my fabric into two 6" x 28" rectangular pieces. This would also work with a long triangular piece by holding/folding the piece lengthwise with the 90 degree point in the middle.

Whether you have yards of fabric or just a strip, here are a few creative ways to use extra scraps of fabric. Lightweight woven fabrics like chiffon, silk, satin and other similar fabrics work best for these ideas. And these won't take you more than a minute or two to do!


This might be the simplest and most popular way to use the fabric right now. Hair scarves have become popular and can look so cute! Add a little accessory to your hair in two simple ways.

If your hair is already in a ponytail, you can tie the fabric around the base of the ponytail (make two knots)

Or you can tie to fabric directly to the ponytail hair tie and use the fabric tie to put your hair up. Make sure to use a pull-through knot to tie it to the hair tie. To make a pull-through knot, start by placing a fabric loop through the hair tie like this.

Then put two fingers up through the back of the loop, grab the strands of fabric, and pull through to complete the knot.

This is what the hair tie will look like when finished.


You've heard of a purse scarf before, right? Luxury brand silk scarves can run you $100's of dollars for a pretty piece of fabric to hang on your purse. But let's be honest... would you want to spend $300 on a piece of fabric when you have your own at home? And with fabric scraps at home, you're able to get a much more custom look that nobody else will have 🙌

It is best to do a pull-through knot instead of a typical tying knot to keep the fabric from coming loose. (See previous)

I tied the fabric on the strap of my tote


I've recently seen people sharing fun different ways to tie your shoe laces, so I thought why not try with fabric?! The result is a little middle-school-cheerleader-ish, but I still think it's fun! If you use a thinner piece of fabric or different type of fabric like chiffon, I think the results would be a little less kiddish. Or if you have younger kids, this may be the perfect idea for them!

This idea is similar to another idea I shared recently about tying fabric around your heels. You can check out that post here! 👇

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  • Kathi Kathi on Aug 31, 2021

    I doubt for an older woman a scarf tied on a purse handle is a gang sign! I have some lovely silk scarves I bought years ago in Italy and I like to use them this way on my summer basket bags. I have shorter hair and couldn’t put it in a pony tail plus I think a ponytail on a 79+ year old would look a bit like trying too hard!

    • See 1 previous
    • Just J Stylin Life Just J Stylin Life on Sep 05, 2021

      I think you are right about the scarves. I love a good silk scarf on a bag!

  • Carey Carey on Sep 18, 2021

    I think that we got hung up on the hanging scarf. : ) Other possibilities: small Sachet's,

    I saw on a quilting program the other day to stitch small pieces to the back of your long grocery receipt. with time you have a strip to use in a quilt or other option for a bit larger piece.

    Decoupage small pieces of cloth to a flower pot for decor, or to a box to decorate.

    Use for stuffing in small child or Cat toys.

    Any other ideas? : )