3 Of The Best Amazon Sneakers

Hilary Kutik
by Hilary Kutik

Hey girl, hey!

The holidays are right around the corners. Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals are surely blowing up your phones and news-feeds.

Sharing with you all 3 Of The Best Amazon Sneakers.

Here are the discount codes for you all to use:

AKK Running shoe- 20% off: IE6XD43WKPP Womens Leather Walking Sneaker Shoe- 5% off: 6E5W77RE

1. Womens Leather Walking Shoes

These Leather Walking Sneakers a re a must have! Once again, these come in a wide range of different colors.

I love pairing these with leggings, dresses &sweatsuits as pictured below.

In regards to sizing, stick to your true size when purchasing these.

2. S Dolphine Running Shoes

Loving the comfortable & versatile fit on these running shoes. These running shoes come in a bunch of different colors. The slight platform heel makes this sneaker super versatile.

As you all know, I am more of a "pink type of gal."

In regards to sizing, I went with my true size. If you are in between sizes, I would recommend sizing down 1/2 a size.

3. Womens AKK Running Sneaker

These Sneakers are perfect for exercise, running errands & anything in between.

Super affordable, comfortable & once again these come in a bunch of different colors.

Similar as mentioned above, if you are in-between sizes, size down 1/2 a size.

P.S. I was able to easily walk on the beach in these shoes, too.

As always, I hope you found this post helpful.

Comment below & share with me which sneakers were your favorite.

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