How to Style Sneakers

Nomad Moda
by Nomad Moda

Hi everyone! I’m going to show you how to style sneakers. Although once upon a time sneakers might have only been worn for sports, nowadays you can get super fashionable ones, and you can wear them whenever you want. I have three different pairs of sneakers that I’m using for this lookbook:

Sneakers style

First are these black Nike Huaraches, they’re all black, but they have some glitter detail on the toes.

Easy sneakers style

I also have the black Converse Lifts; these are like your regular traditional Converse, except they have a thicker platform.

Style sneakers

Lastly, I have a pair of white Filas which I think of as my ‘dad shoes’!

Sneakers styling

These are the socks that I always like to wear. They are Nike Dri-Fit women’s black socks. I like that they come above the ankle because the lower socks that come below the ankle sometimes give me blisters on the back of my foot. Yes, these socks stick up above the shoe but, whatever, that’s fine for me.

Styling sneakers

Look 1

Here I’m wearing my Fila sneakers, and then I have on a pair of jean shorts. I like the button detail on the front of these shorts. The sweater I tie-dyed myself! This is a cute and casual look.

Outfits with sneakers

Look 2

Here I’m wearing jeans, a Champion black sweater, and a little brown bag. The jeans are like mom-jeans - high-waisted, loose fit, and shorter at the ankle, so in this look, we have our mom jeans and our dad sneakers!

Sneakers fashion

How to wear sneakers

Look 3

I have on the Converse shoes with some biker shorts. They are the perfect length for me, not too short and not too long. The back of this black hoodie is the reason that I bought it, it’s so cool, I love all of these butterflies. I paired the outfit with a little black bag that has gold chains. I love this athleisure look.

Sneakers outfits

Look 4

I'm wearing my Nike sneakers with a pencil skirt and an Adidas handbag that looks like a mini gym bag; it's so cute! There is the option to unclip the main strap on the bag, so you can also just have it as a handbag that you can hold. I have on a crop top, and I love the front but what I really love is the detailing on the back. Check out the ribbon ties!

What to wear with sneakers

Sneakers lookbook

Fashionable sneakers

Look 5

I like to wear sneakers with skirts and dresses, so here they are with a dress. This dress is one of my go-to's, just a simple black dress, stretchy and really comfortable. I’ve tied a plaid shirt around my waist, I love this look, and of course, if it gets cold, then you can just put it on to layer up.

That’s five different looks with three different pairs of sneakers. Don’t keep your sneakers in the closet, and just get them out for exercising! You can easily incorporate them into your everyday looks, and whether you want to put on jeans, leggings, shorts, a skirt, or a dress - sneakers can work with all of them. What’s your favorite pair of sneakers that you own?

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