Styling Tips for Knee-High Boots

Nomad Moda
by Nomad Moda

There is no denying that knee-high boots have made a major comeback! This fabulous winter trend has flooded the media so it’s no wonder everyone wants to get their hands on a pair. In today’s style guide, I am giving some fashion tips on how to style knee-high boots in your winter outfits.

Style knee-high boots with a skirt

Outfit 1 

In this first outfit, I paired my black and white, cowboy-inspired, knee-high boots with a pencil skirt and turtleneck sweater. The boots look fabulous in this professional, work-friendly, outfit. 

How to wear knee-high boots with the skirt

Outfit 2

In this look, I switched out the pencil skirt for this cute black and white, polka dot skirt. I love that this look is all black and white but still fun!

How to style knee-high boots

Outfit 3

Outfit 3 is a little different! In this look, I paired my knee-high boots with this stunning blue dress. I think the two pieces work so well together to create a sleek look. 

How to wear knee-high boots with a dress

Outfit 4

Outfit 4 is a bit more feminine. This off-white ruffled dress is super-cute! I love the contrast between the feminine style of the dress and the more edgy, black and white boots. 

Knee-high boots with a skirt

Outfit 5 

This look is a definite favorite of mine! Sticking to the black and white theme, I paired the knee-high boots with this crop top and black skirt. I love the fringe detail on the skirt and I think it goes so well with the boots!

Knee-high boots with shorts

Outfit 6 

In outfit 6, I switched out the skirt for a pair of leather shorts. I love the contrast created by the shorts and the knee-high boots. I opted for a hat because there is never a bad time to accessorize! 

Knee-high boots style

Outfit 7

Outfit 7 is a little bit more of a relaxed look. I paired my black and white, knee-high boots with a pair of black leggings and a white button-down. I love that there are so many options when it comes to styling knee-high boots! I would love to hear which outfit you like best! Let me know in the comments down below!

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