9 Denim Skirt Outfits That Show Why You Need One in Your Wardrobe

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

In this lookbook, I’m going to be styling one denim skirt in a bunch of different ways. The denim skirt I have is a mini skirt in medium blue with button detail up the front. I think that it's so cute and I love wearing it. Check out the denim skirt outfits that I’ve put together!

Denim skirt outfit with a white camisole

1. White & denim

First up, I’ve styled the skirt with a white camisole and a pair of sneakers. Denim with a white top and sneakers is a classic combination that you can never go wrong with.

I also added a pop of color with a red bucket hat. This is such a chilled and comfortable look.

Denim skirt outfit with a leather jacket

2. Leather jacket

You can also throw a leather jacket over your shoulders. This gives funky street-style vibes.

Denim skirt outfit with a red crop top

3. Crop top

Here, I added some color with a maroon crop top. I really love the plunging V-neckline.

Again with this outfit, you can throw a leather jacket on over the top. Like denim, leather is a super-versatile material that goes with so many different things.

Denim skirt outfit with a white silk shirt

4. Silk

Next up is a white silk shirt. Silk, be it real or faux, is such a luxurious material that instantly elevates an outfit.

I’ve styled the shirt by tucking in one side and leaving the other side untucked for an asymmetrical look that adds some interest to the outfit.

I’ve paired it with white heels for a chic and coordinated look, and I added a pop of color with the yellow shoulder bag.

Denim skirt outfit with a denim shirt

5. Denim on denim

Denim on denim is such a classic look that, of course, I had to include it in this lookbook. You can either go for two pieces in the same color or play around and opt for different shades of denim.

I love the denim shirt with the skirt and the pop of yellow and white from the heels and the shoulder bag. Including a bit of color adds some depth to the look and ensures it doesn’t look bland.

Denim skirt outfit with an oversized blazer

6. Oversized blazer

In this outfit, I’ve styled a red blazer with a graphic tee. I love the contrast between the black and white t-shirt and the bold, bright red of the blazer.

The blazer is in an oversized fit, and here I’m wearing it off the shoulders to look suave and chic.

Denim skirt outfit with a floral shirt-jacket

7. Floral

For those who prefer prints to solid colors, here I’ve incorporated some floral with a light and flowy shirt-style jacket.

The blue base of the jacket works harmoniously with the denim skirt and the yellow flower print ties in with the bag. Underneath, I’m wearing a simple black camisole.

Denim skirt outfit with a blue blazer

8. Blue blazer

Because I’m such a fan of blazers, I thought I’d throw in a few more. Here I’m wearing an oversized blue blazer which is similar to the red one that I showed you before.

I love how its length is in line with the mini-skirt; this makes for a proportional look. As a base, I went for a white bodysuit.

Denim skirt outfit with a cropped blazer

9. Cropped blazer

If you’re not a fan of oversized blazers, you could opt for a cropped one instead. Here, I’ve gone for one in bright yellow. For me, part of the beauty of blue denim is that it is so neutral, and it can handle being paired with bright and daring colors.

The combination of the blazer and the bag reminds me of sunshine, and I love it.

Styling denim skirt outfits

I hope that you’ve been able to pick up some outfit ideas from this denim skirt lookbook. There are so many different ways that you can style it, so there is no reason to keep falling back on the same look.

Have fun, experiment, and see what stylish looks you can come up with. Let me know what your favorite outfit was in the comments below!

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