One Midi Skirt - 5 Ways (Perfect for the Holidays!)

Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar
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When it comes to holiday outfits, sometimes it is hard to decide what to wear. Well, I recently went to target and fell in love with this black pleated midi skirt and thought this would be the perfect skirt for the holidays! There are so many different ways you can style it. Let's see how I did it!

For the first look, I decided to go for a classic red sweater. Who doesn't love to wear red for the holidays?? This sweater is perfectly oversized without being too big. I did have to size down to a small (normally I wear a large). The turtleneck isn't too tight which gives you room to breathe - which let's be honest, everyone wants to breathe :) I ended up pairing the red sweater with a pair of leopard heels I have had for a while. These are from Payless but plenty of places sell leopard heels or even a leopard bootie would look cute!

For the next look, I decided to go a little more fun but still classic. Pairing a flannel with this skirt allows you to dress down the skirt but dress up the flannel. I kept my shoes simple with a nude heel and then added a leopard belt and a statement necklace for added fun. You of course do not need to add the belt or the necklace if you feel they are too much. I also think adding a chunky cardigan on top would add a nice layering look while keeping you warm. Just make sure to cuff the sleeves over the bottom of the cardigan and try to show the collar.

Next I went for simple. What better than a basic white sweater and an over the knee boot? I cannot talk about these boots enough! They really are so versatile and have been my favorite shoe purchase to date! Would you guess they are from Amazon? This sweater is also Amazon. It is slightly oversized so you can wear it off the shoulder for a sexier look (but it is cold here so we need to keep our shoulders warm). It is also very soft so it will keep you comfortable through the long holiday dinner!

Then we have the edgy/sophisticated look (which happens to be my second favorite .. I saved my favorite for last). Here I paired the skirt with a classic graphic tee and a blazer. Since graphic tees and blazers are in, why not bring this fashion into the holidays. Of course I added a little extra pop to the look with the leopard sandals - I don't think I could wear the sandals here for the holidays so a leopard bootie would work just the same! I love how this is simple but a statement without being too much.

Now, for my favorite way to wear this skirt - a classic top with a simple shoe. I got this top from Target (duh!) and I am soooo happy with it. It is on the cropped side but that works for a high waisted skirt. The floral colors on this blouse are so pretty .. blues, greens and purples! It has a pretty ruffle detailing along the chest too. I paired it with a classic ankle bootie which to me was the easiest part. Again, this look is simple but sophisticated without being too much.

I hope you found this helpful. I enjoy taking one piece in my closet and styling it multiple ways - only way to truly get a good bang for your buck! I hope you enjoyed this styling session. If you have any questions, or want to see a specific item styled multiple ways, let me know! If you have questions or need links to the items, please feel free to ask. You can also follow my style page on Instagram @SimplyStyledCloset. You are going to look fabulous for the holidays, I just know it!

xo - Lindsay

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