One Mini Skirt - 5 Ways! (Looks for All Seasons)

Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar
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Is there an item in your closet that you love so much that you want to wear it all the time? Well, that is how I feel about this skirt I got from Amazon. It is the most perfect shade of yellow with a white and green floral print that makes for easy styling! I am going to show you five different ways I have styled this skirt over the past couple months; taking it from easy breezy to cool chic!

This skirt is the easiest skirt to wear casually. I mean throw on a t-shirt and sandals and you are done! That is what I did in the first look. I paired the skirt with a green t-shirt to pull out the flowers in the skirt and added my favorite pair of sandals (also Amazon). If you are not a sandal girl, you can always do sneakers. Don't like green, you can do a white shirt, a black shirt, grey or even orange (I know it sounds crazy but there is a SMALL bit of orange in this skirt).

Next up, another casual look. As I said before, you can swap out the sandals for sneakers (which is what I did here) and then I added my new favorite sweatshirt from Walmart. This green is the perfect color to compliment this skirt. This look is simple and casual but looks very different from the first look with just a t-shirt.

Another casual option you can do is a long sleeve t-shirt with some slides. Here I decided to go with a white long sleeve t-shirt that has a slight beige stripe and then I added beige slides and a green button down around my waist. The green shirt around the waist is optional. I did it to give myself more definition in the waist. I also like the dimension it gives the outfit with the colors. I also want to point out, I patterned mix! I know I mentioned this in another tutorial but don't be afraid of it. I paired a floral skirt with a stripe shirt, and BAM - looks great!

Now onto a look that is a bit more fancy and a look you could take into Fall! Sometimes you have these pieces and you think you have to put them away after the season is over but here is an example that a piece in your closet can roll from season to season. Here I paired the skirt with a simple white waffle knit shirt (off the shoulder for added pizazz), booties and my go to hat (especially on bad hair days). icon This look is one of my favorites because even though the pieces are basic, the look is put together and edgier than you would have thought! You look AMAZING!

Now for my favorite look out of them all, the dressiest option, one for Fall and possibly Winer (depending on your state). This look is super easy to pull off but looks like it took some effort. This look includes a white sweater from Amazon, a denim jacket and by far my favorite shoe EVER, my over the knee boots from Amazon! When I put this look together, I felt like a million bucks and could not wait to go out!

Now onto to my favorite look of all, and one you could definitely take into Winter (depending on where you live). For this look, I paired the skirt with a white sweater from Amazon, a denim jacket and my favorite shoes of all time, my over the knee boots! This outfit took little to no effort to put together but looks like it took much more time. Once I put this outfit on, I was ready to go out! I felt like a million bucks.

Sometimes you want to keep up with the trends and it can be frustrating. Styling a piece in your closet multiple ways, is the coolest trend of all. You save yourself money, you utilize something you have already spent money on and you get to use creativity by creating multiple looks with one piece!

If there is an item in your closet you would like styled, let me know. I might not have the same exact piece but I could have something similar. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, please let me know.



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