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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you nine different ways to style a wraparound skirt so you can realize what a versatile piece this is. I love this skirt so much, one reason because I made it myself! If you don’t yet have a wrap skirt and you would like to make your own, here is the link to my DIY wrap skirt tutorial. I have a no-sew version, and I also have a sewing version.

Cute skirt outfits

Look 1

This is the first very easy version. You need to take the two sides and bring one over the top of the other (as you would with a wrap skirt). Then you tie it wherever you want: front, back, side - up to you. This look creates a lot of coverage. When you walk, you’re not going to be showing any leg, and it’s only going to open a little. The variations of this look option are just tying it in different locations. You could let the tie dangle at the front like a little detail that looks pretty, or you could do a bow. If you want to show a little more leg, slide your hand along the tie to incorporate a bit more of the skirt’s material in it. It’s almost like adjusting how wide the skirt is, making it more and more narrow, which means you’re going to show more skin. The skirt essentially has a sliding scale allowing it to be your full coverage skirt and your sassy thigh-high slit skirt.

Easy skirt outfits

Look 2

One look that I like is almost wearing the skirt as a sarong but still with full coverage. You need to take the two sides behind you, with an equal amount of material on both sides, and then criss-cross them in the middle. Instead of wrapping the ties as you did in the first look, you’re going to criss-cross them again, pull, and tie it at the back. This creates beautiful pleating detail at the front of the skirt as well as a v-shaped waistline. When you walk in the skirt, it may open up a bit. For full coverage, you have two options: you can wrap the skirt over a plain slip underneath, which will be seen. The other option is to grab a safety pin, take one side on the bottom, one side on the top, slide down to where you don’t want it to open any further, and from the back side, pin it.

Basic skirt outfits

Look 3

Another option is turning this into a mini skirt. Achieve this look by folding the skirt in half widthways. Hold both sides together, wrap the skirt around you and then tie it tight. (You do also have the option of putting a safety pin at either side so that it stays folded in half). Now everything in the previous two looks is another option, and it’s just a mini instead. This is so cute worn with tights and boots.

Midi skirt outfits

Look 4

Let’s talk about dresses. Center the dress across your back and then criss-cross over the front of your body. Tie it up in the back behind your neck. You can leave it like this, but I would recommend styling it with a belt. Not only will a belt help to keep the dress closed, but it is also an excellent accessory to add to the dress.

Versatile skirt outfits

Look 5

As before, center the dress in the back, and instead of overlapping it, twist the two straps together. Wrap them around the top of the dress, bring them around your back and then tie them together at the front. Here the straps feature as a belt. There you have a strapless dress!

Skirt outfit ideas

Look 6

For a one-shoulder look, take the material up over one shoulder and tie the straps on the shoulder. Overlap the material and then belt it.

How to style a wrap skirt

Look 7

This one is similar to the last look. One side goes up over your shoulder, and the other side you wrap around your waist. Bring the two straps together with a tie at the side. This is a fantastic asymmetrical look that has really pretty wrap detail on the back.

Wrap skirt ideas

Look 8

Now we’re going to make a top. Drape the material over your shoulders like a scarf so that you have the ties hanging down at the front. Criss-cross the material by wrapping one side across your body, followed by the other side across your body. Cross over the ties at the back, bring them to the front, and tie. It creates a long sleeve, almost Asian-inspired top.

Wrap skirt fashion

Look 9

Drape the material just over one arm so that the hem is by your fingers. The straps will be by the other side of your body. Wrap them around the waist and tie them at the front for an interesting, one-shoulder look.

I hope that you love this wraparound skirt as much as I do. There is so much that you can do with it and so many looks that you can create, be they dresses, skirts, or tops. There is quite a bit of twisting and tying involved, so if you’re not sure how to create any of them, then feel free to check out my video where you can see visually how I style them.

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    Hey Naomie! Isn't it awesome how things from before come back as fashion statements? I love it, fashion recycled through the ages, what a wonderful thing to share. Take care 🙂

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