How to Style a Black Skirt: 1 Simple Midi Skirt, 10 Stylish Outfits

I’m going to be showing you how to style a black skirt in 10 different ways. Midi skirts are flattering and great for everyday wear. The one I’ve gone for is more of a straight pencil cut, but you could also go for an A-line skirt if you’d prefer.

A versatile piece to have in your closet, styling black skirts is easy and you can style them for so many different occasions. Let’s jump on in:

Cute skirt outfits

1. Formal

For a formal look, pair your black skirt with a white blouse, finished off with a blazer and a belt around the waist. Add some style by having your cuffs poking out of the blazer. Finish it off with some minimalist earrings and mules.

Easy skirt outfits

2. Loose and laidback

For something laidback and relaxed, go for a baggy draped sleeve top with a loose jacket over the top. Slip on a pair of mules for a comfortable and easy outfit.

Basic skirt outfit with a statement belt

3. Statement belt

A statement belt is a game-changing piece. Draw eyes to your waistline with a chained gold belt. Keep the rest of the outfit simple with a color tee and a pair of DMs.

All-black midi skirt outfit

4. All black

Go for something easy with a black lightweight sweater. If you want to make it a little more interesting, go for a different shade or contrasting texture to the skirt. A belt around your waist will break up the monochrome look and add some structure.

Ruffle blouse with a black midi skirt

5. Ruffle blouse

Dress a black skirt up with a cream ruffle front blouse. Add a pair of Doc Martens to create a smart-casual look.

How to style a black skirt with a statement top

6. Asymmetric

A white blouse with statement sleeves is guaranteed to make an impact. Add some asymmetrical interest with a shoulder strap on one side.

Simple black skirt outfit

7. Easy chic

Create an effortlessly chic outfit by pairing your black skirt with a silk blouse - a material that elevates whatever you wear it with. Throw a blazer over the top together with a skinny belt for some waist definition.

How to style a black skirt for work

8. Casual workwear

Office meets casual in this outfit. Blur the boundaries by pairing a shirt and a blazer with a pair of sandals.

Styling a black skirt with a lace top

9. Lace

Add a touch of elegance with a lace top. Play with transparency by going for one that is opaque on the body and sheer on the arms. The addition of a favorite broach is a great way to add your unique signature to your look.

How to style a black skirt

10. Secret dress

Got a mini dress that you absolutely love? Slip it on under a midi skirt, and you can enjoy it as a top as well. A great way to get maximum mileage out of your clothes, and no one will be able to tell that it’s really a dress.

How to style a black skirt

As you can see, whether you want to go for something more formal or more casual, there is an outfit for you. Black midi skirts are very easy to dress up or dress down. So, if you haven’t tried wearing a black midi skirt before, now is the time!

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