Need a Swimsuit? Here Are My Top 3 Summer Picks!

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  • Alyse Bonacci
Need a swimsuit? Here are my top 3 summer picks!

My question year after year is, Why are swimsuits so expensive. I get you want to pay for quality and comfort but do I really need to shell out hundreds of dollars for a few swimsuits? I continued to stay clear of online shopping because I was so nervous that I would get something that didn't work and that I couldn't return. So I continued to go to the store, try on 20 plus swimsuits, and leave with one that left my bank account minus 100 dollars.

The recent pandemic put a stop to all of that. I gave birth to my second child in April of 2020. The swimsuits that I had previously were just NOT going to work for that upcoming summer. I was left in a bind, do I just not swim all summer OR do I go out on a limb and order fro some online sites? I chose to try my luck with the online swimsuit ordering and was PLEASANTLY surprised! Here are my TOP three choices for swimsuits that can be delivered to your door, don't cost an arm and a leg, AND are flattering and comfortable. (All the suits next to the picture!)

Holipick Swim: Amazon

This is by far one of my favorite swimsuits that I bought this year. It is is so flattering, the fabric is super high quality, and it is true to size! You really couldn't ask for anything better! This particular company has many different style choices but I chose this particluar one because of the ruching (I always find this style to be flattering). The color choices were slightly limited but I really lived the look of this blue suit. When I got the item it fit like a glove (totally TTS). The material was super high quality and I could tell that it withstand chlorine, salt water, and many washes. I am sure you are probably thinking, I paid a lot for this, right? What if I told you that this suit was less than $30 AND was a part of Amazon prime so I got it in a few days?! Hard to believe but it is 100% true. If you are in need of a new swimsuit definitely check out the link above. You will not be disappointed!

Tropical swimsuit- Shein

Like many of you I have heard of SHEIN but was always a little leery. There were several reasons why I stayed away. First it was all items from overseas so the shipping wouldn't be quick and the return process couldn't be easy. Second everything was so cheap there was no way it could be good quality. Was I wrong! I was initially surprised that shipping wasn't terribly long AND returns are free! How great is that?! When I finally got the products I was truly impressed by the quality. For the price, the things I got were amazing. Within my first order was this tropical swimsuit. After reading reviews I did decide to size up (mostly because of my bust) and it was a great decision. I am truly so surprised by how nice this swimsuit is. It has been in the pool, ocean, washed about a million times, and still looks brand new. If you haven't tried SHEIN swimwear I highly recommend to give them a shot!

Tempt Me Monokini- Amazon

Ladies, this right here is the holy grail of swimsuits. It is the MOST flattering suit. It is a once piece but it is SUPER sexy and super comfy. This swimsuit is so good I literally have it in 3 colors (it also helps that it is $30!). The first one I bought was black. I have now had this swimsuit for 3 years. It has been on every vacation, in every pool, washed a bazillion times. It is still has dark black as the day that I purchased it. Since my initial purchase a few years ago, they have added MANY other colors and patterns. They have solid, two tones, printed, really anything that you want. If you DON'T already own this bathing suit, run! If you are a Prime customer you can LITERALLY have it at your house tomorrow!

Thank you so much for joining me for my top swimsuit picks. I hope that you found some great ideas and know that you don't have to spend a mortgage payment on a great swimsuit! Follow me at Chessiebaystyle on the LTK App to check out some more of my fashion picks! Have a great summer lovies!

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