Unique Ways to Tie a String Bikini Top

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford

This summer try tying your bikini following these tips to refresh your beach style! All of these tying tricks will only work with a traditional string bikini top that has two ties, one around your back and one around your neck. You will need to play around with both sets of ties.

The bikini that I'm wearing in this tutorial is an older style from Frankie's Bikinis. Some of my other recommendations for swimwear are Blackbough Swim, Hollister, and H&M.

For reference, this is the standard style of triangle bikini that I will be using for this tutorial.

And here are how the back straps would normally be tied. One halter style, and one around the middle of the back.

Here is the style that I mentioned won't work for these tricks. Since the shoulder straps are secured to the back strap there is only one tie to adjust so these methods I'm showing won't be possible.

This is one of the most unique ways to tie the bikini. Place the cups so that the part that connects to the tie one both sides are face each other. Tie the string that usually goes around the neck around your back instead Then with the remaining string left in the front, cross one tie left and one tie right, then knot in the back. This criss-cross detail really elevates a plain bikini.

Here's what the back will look like. I think it looks really nice to have these two tie details for something different than usual. This would not be the best style for tanning, but adds a really nice touch otherwise!

This trick is my favourite look of the bunch. Simply take your triangle top and place it upside down. Next, tie the strings that usually would go around your back around your neck instead by crossing one over the other in front, and the straps that would usually go around your neck to around you back. Then you can adjust the width of the cups by gathering them on the string, making them as wide or as slim as preferred. This is essentially just turning the bikini upside down and adding crossed ties in front.

The back appears as normal for tie placements.

My final trick is to take you top and make a fold at the center of the string connecting the two cups. Place them, then tie the string that is in the front tightly in the middle. Take the other string and tie it around your back. You can adjust the cups here and you can also cinch them in the middle to make the gap in between wider or smaller. This is nice for avoiding tan lines around the neck area.

The back is nice and simple. One regular tie.

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These tips can be used to style pieces you already own or you can shop similar products to what I've used using the links in the text.

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