3 Ways to Wear a Mauve Crop Top

by Rozana

Crop tops have to be one of the most fun and versatile tops. They're cute, light and sexy. They're very complimentary and are easy to pair with different pieces of clothing. I've played around with this crop top, I paired with with jean shorts, a long cigarette skirt and a beautiful blazer.

I hope you can find some useful ideas for a similar crop top you might have in your closet.

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This crop top is literally one of my favorite tops. I love the color and the fit. it's short enough to be considered a crop top but long enough to reach the top part of my high waisted shots

You can wear this look pretty much anywhere. it's light and comfortable yet fashionable and cute. The beige colored sandals complement the mauve color of the top.

Here, I shortened the length of the crop top by simply folding it and tucking it under. The cigarette skirt looks beautiful with it. it's so elegant yet fun. You can wear this outfit for a night out in town or to a dinner date

I love adding a black blazer or cardigan to this outfit because it gives it an attractive look. one of the latest trends was wearing bralettes with long blazers. You can replicate this look with a shorter blazer and a crop top

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