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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another edition of Fun Friday Finds where I’ll be showing you a darling lemon print shirt as well as lots of other lemon-related items. I think lemons are such a happy fruit! I love the color, smell, and taste of lemons. And today, I get to love the look of lemons as well in this delightful post!

Lemons make me smile. When in a clear bowl on my counter, they look so fresh and inviting. I think o f lemon bars, lemon cake, and veal piccata… Yellow is a remarkably easy color with which to decorate. I enjoy French Provencal styling, so yellow, red, and blue are part of that mode. Come along with me and see if you get as much of a charge out of these lemon-related ideas as I do. I hope so.

In this post...

Item #1 – Zester

Did I mention that my California home is located in a former citrus grove? Yup, grapefruit, orange, lime, and lemon trees abound everywhere you look. I have one of each of these trees in my backyard so I use lemons most every day in some recipe or other. Here is a zester. The zest of a lemon or lime is used in many recipes, especially cake, muffins, and cookies. The zest is the outermost thin yellow (in the case of lemons) peel. Removing the zest is a bit tricky. If you use too coarse of a grater, you will capture both the yellow zest as well as some of the very bitter, underlying pith. This zester is very fine in its gauge so just the yellow zest is scaped off with this fun and easy-to-use tool.

Item #2 – Lemon Juicer

This lemon juicer/squeezer is so useful for juicing lemons and lime. You just cut the fruit in half and load it into this tool. Squeeze away to get all the juice you could want.

Item #3 – Lemon Chemise

I loved this chemise so much that it made my Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022. This cute lemon print nightie is darling and it even has a shelf bra. And the straps are wide enough to accommodate a regular bra if you so choose.

Item #4 – Lemon Print Skirt

Isn’t this the CUTEST skirt? I don’t wear a lot of skirts, but I HAD to have this one! It is so fun! It’s made out of heavy cotton and is also lined so it barely wrinkles. It looks so summery and I have styled it so many ways. I have paired it with a gray tee shirt as in this photo, or with a white shirt and jean jacket. I have also paired it with a pale blue striped shirt. It really makes me happy whenever I see it in my closet!

Item #5 – Lemon Print Shirt

And what about th is lemon print shirt? It is so soft and pretty. This great lemon print shirt looks good with green, blue, denim, khaki, as well as of course, white! Such a summer staple! If i wear it with the skirt (item it will look like a shirt dress.

Item #6 – Lemon Earrings

I couldn’t resist these little beaded lemon earrings. I know it would be a bit much to wear all these lemon pieces together. But, if you loved the look of lemon yellow, and just wanted a hint of it, these earrings are the answer. Or if you were wearing a white tee and jean jacket with a spring/summer look, wouldn’t these be a fun accent?

Item #7 Lemon Bracelet

Okay, this is it for today’s lemon related products. This darling lemon charm bracelet had to come home with me. Summer is bracelet season because it’s when we roll up our sleeves. or even go sleevless. This little numbeStylish and Relaxing Gifts for Mom 2022 will go with a chambray shirt, white tee shirt, or even a little white linen dress. Too cute to skip!

Well lovely readers, that’s all I found this week. I hope you had fun reading this list. All of the items would be welcome Mother’s Day gifts. And as I mentioned above, here is the post for this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022. I hope you have a lovely weekend and maybe find an opportunity to have some lemons in your day.

Happy Spring Weekend!


Dr. Julie

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