How to Style a Crop Top in Your 30s

Chic in Tieks
by Chic in Tieks

Anytime I walk into a clothing store or shop online, crop tops are front and center on display. For the longest time, I’d pass by or scroll past them, saying to myself, “I’m way too old to pull that look off, I’m a mom of two in my mid 30s!!” One day I decided to just pull the trigger and try one on, and realized that with the right styling, anyone can pull off a crop top 🙌🏼

This was my OOTD yesterday to go to dinner and axe throwing with my husband. I paired this super comfy mesh crop top (with a built in bra 🙌🏼) with a Lularoe Presley jacket, matching flats and faux leather snakeskin leggings and felt comfortable and confident. I even shed the jacket for axe throwing and didn’t feel exposed (and I hit 13 bullseyes! 🙌🏼 🎯).

I had so many people think that this outfit was a dress, but it’s actually a crop top with a high waisted skirt! I paired it with my silver screen Tieks for daytime, but easily could have switched to heels for a night out.

This outfit is one of my recent favorites, and is the perfect way to style a crop top for everyday wear. With high waisted shorts, a button down top and just a peek of skin exposed, I felt confident wearing this outfit out and about, and would be perfect to wear to summer barbecues and picnics.

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