How to Style Pantone's Colors of the Year

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by Patty's Kloset

Pantone has announced what their colors for 2021 are going to be. Each year they decide on a color of the year, and that color influences trends in many different areas. This year, they revealed not one but two colors.

Pantone Color of the Year

The colors are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. I love those two colors together. Last year’s color was Classic Blue, and I’m not the biggest fan of the color blue, but these are definitely two colors that I can get on board with. I feel that these two colors just kind of speak out hope, optimism, positivity, and quite honestly, those are all words that we can use after having that crazy year of 2020. So I’m welcoming these two colors with open arms. 

Yellow makes me happy because it’s my mom’s favorite color, so I automatically think of her whenever I see yellow. And for me, gray is such a neutral color, and I love neutral colors. I have so many gray things, and I love wearing that color so much.

I’m going to be showing you how to style these two Pantone colors in a variety of different outfits.

Pantone color clothing

Outfit 1

I’m starting with my favorite outfit. This is a yellow top that has ruffle sleeves - statement sleeves are a 2021 trend. I’ve paired it with a gray snake print skirt. This skirt is fabulous for ladies who, like me, absolutely love animal print. To finish off the look, I’m wearing a pair of black over-the-knee boots. When pairing these two colors, you can also add a little print play to it like I did with this skirt.

Pantone 2021 colors

Outfit 2

With this outfit, I’m showing you how to style that bright illuminating yellow. I paired this yellow plaid blazer with a pair of black denim. The color and the print of this blazer make it stand out, so wearing it with black tones the blazer down a bit. The black and yellow also contrast nicely. To finish off the look, I added a pair of black booties and a black handbag. I feel that this outfit is super chic.

Pantone color style

Outfit 3

For the next look here, I’ve created a monochromatic gray look. If you’re not an overly huge fan of the color yellow, you don’t necessarily have to wear a bright yellow bold top or a bold yellow dress. You can wear yellow accents, like what I’m wearing here, and incorporate yellow into your accessories. My outfit is mostly gray, but I’ve got a little touch of yellow in my earrings and a little pop of yellow in the form of a small handbag. 

Styling Pantone colors

Outfit 4

For the next look here, I’m pairing the colors in a more casual way. I’m wearing a pair of denim jeans and I’ve styled it with a yellow turtleneck top. I love this top because it’s super comfy, and again it adds a nice pop of color. This look here is super comfortable. I added a pair of black booties, and I’m also wearing a gray fuzzy jacket. I love how soft it is, it’s very cozy, such a great winter jacket.

Styling Pantone color trends

Outfit 5

This here is a gray sweater dress, and I paired it with some flats. The hairband adds a little yellow accent to the outfit. Don't ever overlook something as small and simple as a headpiece. Little accessories such as this allow you to add color to an outfit.

Gray and yellow outfit

Outfit 6

This look here is a great casual outfit. It’s such a cozy and simple top, and I’m wearing it with a pair of denim and gray booties. This jacket is so perfect, it adds a nice pop of color, and I love its embroidery.

How to style Pantone colors

Outfit 7

This oversized maxi dress is so bright and bold. I paired it with a belt around the waist and a pair of over-the-knee boots. 

I think that these two Pantone colors, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, are just absolutely genius. Yellow fills me with happiness and joy and gray is a neutral color which is so easy to wear. I hope that I’ve given you some ideas for how you can wear these colors together. For more information about the Pantone colors of the year, check out -

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