Nine Styling Tips for a Slimmer Waist

If you’re looking for some DIY styling tips to help you create outfits that are both fashionable and slimming, check out this style guide. Giedre shows how to take an unflattering style and tweak it or add details to make each outfit perfect so you can walk out the door knowing you look fantastic.

How to style a slim waist

Tuck in your top

Giedre demonstrates how a tucked-in top helps create a nicer shape and accentuates the waist. To further accentuate the waist, she rolled her sleeves up to waist height, and added a belt in a contrasting color, and matching shoes to bring cohesiveness to the outfit. 

DIY styling tips

Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are great for giving a slimmer look, because they cinch at the waist, and skim over the midsection. The v-neck shape also helps draw the eye upwards.

Simple styling tips

Structured clothes

This styling tip shows how structured clothes can help make one’s waist appear smaller. The oversized cardigan adds bulk and makes the model appear shapeless. Giedre swapped the cardigan out for a tailored jacket, and the t-shirt for a button-down shirt, which she tucked in. She added boots to the outfit to match the style. 

Slim waist styling tips

No boxy cuts

The straight cut of the pink skirt emphasizes the midsection. Giedre switched it for a loose, camel-colored midi skirt, untucked the shirt, and added a leopard print belt to give the outfit a nice shape. The rolled-up sleeves at waist height help draw attention to the slimmest part of the body.

Slimmer waist styling tips

Proportion of thirds

Here, Giedre shows how to apply the rule of thirds. The first outfit makes the top and bottom of her body appear equal in length. Once she tucks in the shirt, rolls up her sleeves, and opens the neckline, it makes her legs appear to be ⅔ of her length, and her waist appears slimmer. 

Wear a fitted overlayer

In addition to tucking in the shirt of this outfit, Giedre added a tailored duster and cuffed her trousers. This gives the outfit structure and intention and draws the eye to the waist. 

Flared skirt

A flared skirt will help make the waist look narrow relative to the width of the hem. Giedre also tucked in her top and added a belt for even further accentuation of the narrowest part of the body. 

Hourglass blazer

Giedre switched out her straight-cut blazer for one with a more structured waistline and slightly flared hem. She also tucked in her shirt and opened her neckline, all of which make her waist appear slimmer. 

Open neckline

As mentioned previously, an open neckline will draw attention upwards, away from the midsection. A closed neckline makes the outfit appear boxy and ill-fitted. 

Which of these slimmer waist styling tips will you be using? Let Giedre know in the comments. 

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