Try This Super Easy Shirt-Tucking Hack to Look Instantly Slimmer

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Have you ever wished you could look instantly thinner? Well, look no further. This simple shirt hack will have you looking slim in no time and won’t cost you a dime.

All you will need for this tutorial is a loose-fitting shirt and some pants that are roomy enough to tuck a shirt into. Let’s get started!

Pulling shirt forward

1. From your hips, pull both sides of your shirt forward. 

Crossing sides over

2. Cross the two sides over one another to form a wrap

Tucking excess fabric into jeans

3. Push the excess fabric down into your jeans or pants

Neatening up

4. Neaten everything up

Tuck in any other awkward bits of fabric and you’re good to go!

Easy shirt tucking hack to look thinner

Easy shirt tucking hack to look thinner

This quick shirt-tucking hack is so easy. Absolutely anyone can do it. It’s a great way to make a baggy shirt look instantly elegant and flattering.

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