Super Easy Clean Girl Makeup Tutorial

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by Just Michelle
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Follow along for the perfect, clean girl makeup routine. This soft, natural makeup look is all you need to feel put together but still you. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Brow powder 
  • Small, angled brush
  • Concealer 
  • Cotton bud (Q-tip)
  • Foundation 
  • Makeup sponge
  • Loose powder 
  • Powder brush
  • Blush 
  • Setting spray 
  • Contour palette
  • Highlight brush
  • Brown lip liner
  • Matte nude lipstick 
  • Clear lip gloss
Filling in brows

1. Prep your skin and continue with your eyebrows

Always begin any makeup routine with clean, dry skin. Now for the eyebrows, use a small, angled brush to tap in a bit of brown powder to fill in any gaps.

Everyone’s eyebrows are different, and the way you choose to shape them depends on your face shape. So my advice here is to practice until you find a brow shape that works best for you. 

2. Apply concealer above and below your eyebrows

Apply a thin line of concealer above and below the brow lines to create a nice, cleanly finished brow edge. 

Applying concealer to brows

Now, go in with a cotton bud to remove any excess concealer from above and below the brows. You can also blend it out, but I prefer to remove it. 

Applying concealer to brows

Fill in again if any of the brow powder spots were erased.

Filling in brows

3. Apply foundation

Create the appearance of smooth, even skin by applying a foundation that matches your skin tone to your cheeks.

Use a makeup sponge to blend it in. Then take the remaining foundation on the sponge to blend into the rest of your face. 

Applying foundation

4. Apply concealer to cover up dark patches

Next, apply some concealer to cover the dark circles under the eyes.

I also like to apply some at the outer corners of the eyes to give the appearance of a lift.

Applying concealer

Continue to apply the concealer anywhere that you have dark patches. Then blend it all in gently with the sponge.

Applying concealer

5. Set the makeup

After applying the foundation and concealer, set your skin with a powder and makeup sponge.

Just tap it into the skin to avoid a baked-face look. Apply a small amount of powder, just to absorb the excess oil from the makeup, but keep it light. 

Setting the makeup

6. Apply bronzer and blush

I chose a shade of bronzer that’s not too dark, just to tie everything together. Dust it on with a makeup brush to the cheeks and bottom of the nose. 

Applying blush

Then, apply blush to your cheekbones.

I absolutely love blush and I feel like you can’t overdo it! You can take the blush that’s left over on the brush to add a bit of color to your chin and nose as well.

Applying blush

7. Apply finishing spray

Close your eyes and mist on some finishing spray to allow your clean girl makeup to last.

Applying finishing spray

8. Apply highlighter

Once the spray has dried, we’re on to my favorite part: highlighting!

Applying highlighter

From your palette, choose the highlight shade. Apply it directly above the blush line and down the center of your nose and under the brow line, using a highlight brush.

Applying highlighter

9. Add mascara

Apply mascara to your bottom lashes to accentuate your eye shape.

Adding mascara

10. Apply lip liner

Using the same angled brush, line your lips using the darkest shade of your contour palette

Applying lip liner

11. Apply nude lipstick and clear gloss

Next, apply a nude shade of lipstick to the inner part of your lips until the darker edge that you just added.

This will create an ombre look. Afterward, touch up with the darker tone if needed.

Applying lip gloss

Finally, add a clear lip gloss on top.

Applying lip gloss

Clean girl makeup

This is the final look, thank you for following along with me!

Completed clean girl makeup routine

This soft, natural look is quick and affordable.

If you loved this clean girl makeup tutorial, leave a comment and check out my post on How to Remove Your Makeup Properly for Clear and Smooth Skin.

Products used:

-Sleek brow powder

-LA GIRL PRO concealer

-L’Oréal true match foundation ( cappuccino)

-Too faced born this way concealer (Butterscotch)

-revolution loose powder (Banana)

-Sleek contour palette

-Sleek blush (cherry)

-Any brown lip liner

-matte nude lipstick

-clear lip gloss

-revolution setting spray

Suggested materials:
  • Brow powder
  • Small, angled brush
  • Cotton bud (Q-tip)
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