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Slicked-back hair, a middle parting, hoop earrings, glowy skin, and feathery brows are what TikTok creators have coined the clean girl makeup look or the clean girl aesthetic.

Today, I'm going to be showing you how to execute this gorgeous, trendy model-off-duty look. Keep reading to discover the best clean girl makeup.

Tools and materials:

  • Exfoliating mask
  • Cotton pads
  • Sunscreen
  • Eye cream
  • Tinted moisturizer
  • Beauty blender 
  • Concealer
  • Brow pencil
  • Brow pen
  • Brow gel
  • Bronzer
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • False lashes
  • Lip liner
  • Lip gloss
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter

It's been said that the clean girl look is only as good as your skincare. This is a look that really embraces natural skin, with the goal being to obtain a glass-like finish.

1. Exfoliate

To achieve a really glowy complexion, proper exfoliation is essential.

Start off your routine with an exfoliating mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then use some wet cotton pads to remove it.


Applying sunscreen

2. Sunscreen and eye cream

To prep your face, go in with sunscreen.

This obviously helps to protect the skin, but it also works as a primer because it reflects light and creates a lot of glow in the skin.

Then use a bit of eye cream.


I left it at that because I have really oily skin, and doing anything more than that just makes my skin way too oily throughout the day.

If you have dry skin, go ahead and use a moisturizer on top of your sunscreen before you move on to the next step. 


Applying tinted moisturizer

3. Tinted moisturizer

Now use a tinted moisturizer in two shades. A darker shade in the contour zones and a lighter shade in the center of your face.

Then blend it all with a beauty blender. This is a great way to get a bronzed effect while still looking natural. 


Applying concealer

4. Concealer

Apply some concealer on the zones of the face that need more coverage, and blend that out by stippling with the beauty blender.

Then, use whatever is left on the blender to prime your lids. 


Filling in brows

5. Brows

Do your brows by sketching individual hairs, using a combination of a brow pencil and a brow pen.

I used the pencil to fill the bottom outline and the pen to sketch individual hairs into the sparse areas. 


Applying brow gel

6. Brow gel

To get that really feathery look, you need to lock the brow hairs in place with a brow gel.

Go for ones that have a strong hold and will keep your brows in the perfect position. 


Applying bronzer

7. Bronzer

Go in with some bronzer to contour. 


Applying eyeshadow

8. Eyeshadow

Start your eyelids with a neutral brown. Do windshield wiper motions back and forth, flicking up at the sides to create lift in the eyes.

After you've blended that out, smudge the same color under the eyes for definition.

Then grab a light vanilla tone, and with your fingertips, spotlight the lids. 

Applying eyeliner

9. Eyeliner

Now let's do that really trending lifted Foxy Eye look.

If you struggle with winged eyeliner, you're not alone. It is a very tricky thing to master.

I’m using a liner pen where one side has a super fine tip, and the other side is a thicker tip.

You want to start with the fine tip first, create your angle and then connect that angle back to the lid.

Make sure to connect that to the bottom lash line. This is important because this is what makes the winged liner look balanced and sharp. 


Applying eyeliner

I also like to go in with the skinny side of the pen and elongate the line into the tear duct to make my eyes appear more fox-like.

After that, switch to the thicker side of the pen just to make sure that everything is filled in nice and dark. 


Adding false eyelashes

10. False lashes

If you like, you can throw on some natural-looking false lashes.


Applying lip liner

11. Lips

Take a brown lip liner and line your lips with it. Then shade it into the center. 


Applying lip gloss

Next, apply a nude lip gloss and blend it all together. You will be left with dark outer edges that fade into a nude tone in the center.

Is this not the most perfect combination of defined yet nude lips ever? 


Adding mascara

12. Mascara

To finish the look, pop on a little mascara.


Adding highlighter

13. Highlighter

Then use a highlighter stick to highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your tear duct, your brow bone, and even the center of your lips. 


Best clean girl makeup

Best clean girl makeup

The finished look is glowy, it's natural, it's totally flattering, and, best of all, it's achievable for someone who isn't a makeup professional.

If you want to embrace the minimalist makeup look, I hope you’ll give this a try! Let me know how you get on in the comments.

Products used:

1. Exfoliating Mask: Bubble Exfoliating Mask:

2. Eye Cream: JLO Beauty That Fresh Take Eye Cream:

3. Sunscreen: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen:

4. Tinted Moisturizer Senegence Tinted Moisturizer in Medium and Medium Deep

5. Brows: Cover Girl Ultra Fine Brow Pencil in Rich Brown: and Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Pen in Dark Brown:

6. Brow Gel Ennomy’s Beauty Eyebrow Gel

7. Ennomy’s Beauty Bronzer in Caramel

8. Ennomy’s Beauty Eyeshadow Palette in Caramel Kiss

9. Ennomy’s Beauty Dual Tip Eye Definer Pen

10. Total Baller Lipliner NYX:

11. Ennomy’s Beauty Lip Gloss in Nude

12. Ennomy’s Beauty Highlighter Stick in Glitter Rose

Suggested materials:
  • Exfoliating mask
  • Cotton pads
  • Sunscreen
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  • Jules Jules on May 23, 2023

    Thank you so much for sharing. I haven’t worn makeup in a while and I like this simple, well blended and very classy look.

  • Jules Jules on May 23, 2023

    You should do a false eyelash tutorial for rookies that want to try natural looking lashes.