DIY a Blanket Into a Chic Vest!

by Lucybertoldi
2 Materials
3 Hours

I had this gorgeous crocheted blanket that I wanted to wear because the colours are so vibrant. So I decided to turn into a wearable, chic, long vest!

This is the pattern of the blanket up close. Plus you can see that I folded over about 7 inches to turn that into a simple collar:

Then I used a sleeveless top to use as a sort of guiding pattern to wear I should cut out the sleeves:

From the piece I cut out, I proceeded to unravel the leftover yarn so that I could use it to sew up where I needed to:

Here are examples of some of the pieces of yarn...

I used these to sew all around the arm hole to secure the stitches!

Next, it was time to tack the collar so that it would be permanently firm and in place.

Here's another pic of me sewing with yet another colour yarn:

Las step was simply to sew on 3 different coloured buttons. No need to make button holes, as the buttons can easily pass through the crochet holes already there! Here's the buttons from up close:

And here is the vest! I am loving this look so much!

And another:

Check out the video for even more details!!

And here I am in an OOTD mini clip over on Instagram, showing off this vest!

Please let me know if you try this! You can see the written post about this vest and more up on my blog at:

Thanks so much!

Suggested materials:
  • A crocheted blanket   (Thrifted)
  • 3 buttons   (My stash)

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  •  -- Wow. Ambitious, talented, & BRAVE! Taking on a project that could unravel ... on and on ... and winding up w/ a chic vest like this is nothing short of astounding to me. Hope to develop my skill set -- a lot!

    • Lucybertoldi Lucybertoldi on May 22, 2021

      Thanks- I appreciate it! And to be honest...I really didn't know what I was getting myself into! Thankfully I figured it out and it worked!