DIY: Customize Your Jacket With an Illustration

by Maria

New DIY fashion project here! As I love illustrating, the idea of customizing a jacket with an illustration was in my mind for some time, so I finally made it some weeks ago and here I am with a tutorial to show your how to do yours. This project is suitable for everybody, not just for good drawers, as you'll see with some of the tips I'll tell you. You'll finally get a cool jacket that everybody will love.

As I told you, it's not necessary to be good at drawing: I created my own drawing and made a quick sketch on a paper, but you can print an easy image from the Internet and transfer it to the fabric with carbon paper. I just drew it with pencil on the fabric, copying from my sketch.

The thing is coloring the figures with care and patience. I used acrylic paint and a pair of brushes: a medium flat brush for bigger surfaces and a thin one for details. If you see the paint doesn't cover the fabric as you'd like, ad a second layer of paint once the first is dry. The important is too have fun and create for unique garment, if it does not matter if it's not perfect, more genuine it will look. I tried to define a lot the contours by using the flat brush to trace the borders. I started by the centre of the image and the plain surfaces, and then I went to the background and added some textures and lights. I think the result is really interesting and fun. I love it! Hope you like it too. Thanks for reading! Have a great week.

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