Create Your Own Superstar DIY Studded Jacket

2 Materials
2 Hours

Looking at sprucing up your denim jacket? Have a basic jacket lying around that may need a revamp? This is the perfect tutorial for you! I’m going to show you how to take your denim jacket to the next level and transform it into an interesting studded jacket. The best part of this tutorial is that you can decide on the pattern! Let’s start making our easy studded denim jacket!

Tools and materials:

  • Plain denim jacket
  • 300 studs (either glue on or with spikes)
Studded denim jacket

Get your materials

So, there are many types of studs to use, for this tutorial I used flat studs. I got a whole bunch. Also, there are studs that you can glue on and ones that come with spikes at their ends. I opted to use the ones with spikes so that they stay on forever. The size of the studs is also up to you. I wanted something shiny and dominant on the eye, so I chose medium-sized studs. The choice is yours.

Studded jean jacket

Make your pattern

You can do whatever pattern you like, and add as many studs, too. Here, I decided to go with an asymmetrical design and added my studs all along the hemlines of my denim jacket.

How to make a studded denim jacket

Add your studs

Now that you have a design in place, this is the fun part! Let’s begin your studded jean jacket transformation! I started by adding mine to the front seam line of the jacket. Here, I used studs with spiky ends. I simply pushed the spikes through the denim jacket, and with my fingers, folded the spikes inwards so that they folded over the bottom side of the fabric. Remember to press down hard and space the studs evenly.

How to make a studded jean jacket

Next, add studs to the pocket areas ( if you have) and around each side below the collar.

Easy studded jacket

Don’t forget to add them around the hemlines of each side, and along the button line to give it an extra dash of dazzle!

Easy studded denim jacket

Spruce up the sleeves! I added studs all along the rims of the cuffs.

Easy studded jean jacket

Add some studs along your collar to give it a lovely, uniformed look.

Basic studded jacket

If you want to give it more sparkle, add studs along the edges of your pockets.

Trendy studded denim jacket

And there you have it, it’s easy as 1,2, and 3 steps! Now you have transformed your basic denim jacket into a star-studded superstar! Here’s the final result. Don’t you think the studs give the jacket more character? It’s definitely a fashion item that will get amazing attention, and it’s something that doesn’t really go out of fashion. Happy studding!

Suggested materials:
  • Jacket
  • Studs

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