DIY Studded & Dyed Vintage Trench Coat Refashion

3 Materials
2 Hours

Thrift and charity shops are full of plain but awesome trench coats from the past so why not snap one up and make it truly your own by transforming it with my super simple no sew techniques?

Grab the three different no sew refashionista methods I used to create my DIY Studded & Dyed Vintage Trench Coat Refashion below:

I snagged one of the groovy vintage trench coats I inherited, fabric dye + a few of the studs I had removed from this jacket refashion.

I attempted to dye the coat navy blue with less than stellar results. (proof that my my DIY dye tip about the difficulty of re-colouring synthetic fabric is absolutely true)

As the dye barely changed the colour of the trench coat I went ahead and gave it a bunch of sprays with some leftover fabric paint.

Once dry I arranged my studs on the shoulder tabs.

Marked their position.

Carefully poked a hole at each mark with my seam ripper.

Poked the studs through the holes and secured them.

And my updated trench coat was ready for action!

So much better and totally one of a kind!

Absolutely perfect for the upcoming windy, rainy days of autumn!

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Suggested materials:
  • Preloved trenchcoat
  • Fabric paint
  • Studs

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  • Bgray Bgray on Aug 14, 2021

    FUN!!! I inherited my grandma's London Fog trench coat a couple years back. I love it and wear it a lot living in PNW. It is "boring beige" but never thought to try dying or embellishing it...thanks for the idea!