Have an Old Suit? Give It a Fun New Makeover!

2 Materials
5 Hours

Old suits with great fabric can be reinvented into a whole new look!

I will show you how I remade this suit into a cape blazer, strapless dress, and shoe bows, as well as the different ways I styled it.

This 90's polyester suit was just $5. It had a long skirt and was very outdated. I love the navy and white pinstripe fabric. It was too big and would need to be altered down.

The first thing is to open the sleeve on the inner seam to make it one large piece, and remove the hem in the cuff. You want to do the same thing with the lining.

This is what it should look like. If the jacket fits you well, leave it attached at the shoulder. I am adding piping and I need to take it in at the waist so I am taking the entire sleeve off

This is what it will look like when you remove it. You will need to pin the raw edge and sew it back down since it will show if the cape flaps open.

Pin the lining and the sleeve back together, and add piping if you like.

Sew all three pieces together

Pin the sleeve back on the jacket aligning it with the shoulder and arm holes correctly. I sewed it down the back about mid-way.

You want to leave the bottom flaps open for your arms to move freely. Sew where you pinned.

This is what it looks like under the flap since I took the waist in, before sewing.

For the skirt, I pinned around the dress form to give it shape, cut off the excess and sewed it. I used the excess fabric and piping to make matching shoe bows.

Here is the finished dress. I added a ruffle sleeveless top underneath. This is a great way to style a strapless dress when you don't want to keep pulling it up or want to wear it in a more modest style.

Here is the dress without it. It gets hot here in Texas so strapless dresses are always popular in the summer.

Leaving the cape blazer open to show the dress is one way to wear it.

I like to button the cape blazer and and belt it too.

Here you can see the back

Don't be afraid to try giving an old suit a new identity, you just need basic sewing skills. A cheap thrifted suit is a good one to practice on before you take apart your favorite one. Happy creating!!!

Suggested materials:
  • Suit   (Goodwill)
  • Piping   (Walmart)

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