How to Paint an Awesome Puffer Jacket Design

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Today, we’re going to be custom painting a puffer jacket. People think custom painting can only be done on denim or leather jackets, but you can customize all kinds of jackets and coats.

I love customizing winter wear. It’s a great way to express yourself and show the world who you are, while remaining bundled and warm in your winter gear.

Tools and materials:

  • Puffy jacket
  • Spray paint (white + 2-3 colors of choice)
  • Fabric paint (white + 2-3 colors of choice)
  • Paint brush
Inspiration photo

The idea here is to paint the jacket in graffiti style because graffiti looks great on jackets.

To make things even more interesting, we’re going to mix graffiti style with collage style. I took some inspiration from different images, letters, and phrases and photoshopped an image to work off of. 

Inspiration photo

In the center we’re going to make a girl’s face and around the face we’re going to put some letters and quotes.

You can copy the image, words and phrases I use or you can pick your own. The face might be challenging, so don’t hesitate to replace it with an image that might be easier to draw.

Sketching onto jacket

1. Start sketching and painting

Start by sketching the design with chalk. 

Spray painting

Then take some white spray paint and use it to start to create the face. 


Make the details of the face using black and white fabric paints.

Using hair dryer

The paint dries very slowly on this type of fabric so you can use a hairdryer to hurry it along.

Just make sure not to put your hair dryer too close to the fabric. That would be a fire hazard!

Hanging jacket

2. Hang vertically to get spray paint drip effect

To get some spray paint drips you’re going to need to hang your jacket.

I used my dress form but if you don’t have one you can just hang it on a hanger or a hook. 

For the last touches on the face, I made a red circle around her eye, taking inspiration from the most influential street artist, DAIN. I used red spray paint to create a circle adding a bright splash of color.

Adding words, symbols, and design elements

3. Words, symbols, and design elements

Now we’re going to work on the details like words, and symbols.

The first detail I added is Saturn, because I think all artists are from another planet.

You can paint it in white and then add a little color. I used turquoise. The design is mostly black and white, with little pops of color here and there. You can add some stars too.

Adding words, symbols, and design elements

Now let’s have fun with fonts. Pick some phrases that make sense for you and your personality. Maybe you could write your favorite song, or book. Let your jacket speak for you.

I wrote the words, “think outside the box,” because I’m an artist.

Create the words with white fabric paint and then add little splashes of color and spray paint drips. You can also take a paint brush with paint on it and flick it towards the jacket to get some splatter effects.

Adding words, symbols, and design elements

4. Customize the front of the jacket and the sleeves

Adding words, symbols, and design elements

Next add some details to the front of the fabric. I spray painted some zig zags on one side and wrote, “fashion is art,” on the other.

You can also add some design elements and spray paint to the sleeves.

DIY painted jacket
DIY painted jacket

DIY painted jacket

DIY painted jacket

Puffer jackets are so boring. Everyone has the same black puffer jacket. This is a great way to make your puffer jacket stand out.

I love the way my puffer jacket came out. The spray paint, the lady’s face, and all the symbols look so cool.

I also think the added splashes of color are so uplifting for the gray winter.

How does yours look? Did you use the inspiration image I put together or did you make your own? Tell me all about your creations in the comments. 

Suggested materials:
  • Puffy jacket
  • Spray paint (white + 2-3 colors of choice)
  • Fabric paint (white + 2-3 colors of choice)
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