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I am so excited to share with you guys today’s awesome project. It is quick, easy, and the perfect piece for your winter wardrobe. So let’s go and learn how to make a faux fur vest. I wear mine every winter season and soon you will too!

Tools and materials:

  • Yard to yard and a half of fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Lining
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
Take your measurements

Start the pattern

Let’s start by measuring our backs so that we know the length we need our garment to be. Simply place the measuring tape on your back neckline and drop it until your tailbone. Mark the length on a piece of paper and then divide it into three equal parts (this will come out to be roughly the mark of your bust, waist, and tailbone). 

Create your pattern

Next, measure your bust. Wrap the measuring tape around your bust. Find how many inches your measurement is around and divide it into four. Use your quarter measurement pattern by marking it by the bust line. Repeat this step around your waist and hips. 

Measure your shoulders

Get your shoulder measurements 

The next measurement is the shoulders. Here it is essential to make sure you measure from edge to edge - measuring too far down the shoulder will cause the vest to slip off you. For the shoulder measurement, divide it by two instead of four and mark your half measurement on the top of your pattern. 

Trace your neckline

Create the neckline

For the neckline, I like to start with a 3.5-inch measurement. This may be a little small, but I prefer to start small and cut off more later than be left with a gap that is too big. Mark the neckline on the shoulder line and then trace a one-inch line-up. Next, move to the edge of the shoulder line and draw a one-inch line down. Connect these two points to make your shoulder line. 

Shoulders and neckline connect

Add a dashed curved line for the neckline of the vest. To be on the safe side, and because the fabric of this vest is anything but stretchy, I went ahead and added an inch to all of my measurements (bust, waist, hips). This is just to give me some extra room to play with.

How to make a faux fur vest

Bring it all together

Finally, let’s connect all the moving pieces and trace our pattern. For the armholes, drop your bust an inch and connect it to the edge of the shoulder measurement (it will form a letter J). Then connect the bottom half by either connecting everything with a straight line or curve it is slightly (not all the way) for a more form-fitting vest. 

Finish your pattern

To finish the pattern, we need to remove one inch from the center of the hip line, waist-line, and bust line. Then draw a curved line from the bust line to the shoulders. This will leave us with an opening with which we will put the vest on. 

Cut out your fabrics

Cut, cut, cut

Cutting your vest comes in two stages. First, cut two pieces for the front, one piece for the back. Remember to leave seam allowances. Next, repeat the same cuts for the lining. 

Easy faux fur vest

Sew the shoulder seams

Take your three pieces of faux fur and connect them at the shoulders. Sew them together. Repeat that with the lining until you have two matching pieces. 

Connect the lining

Connect the lining 

Place your lining onto the faux fur cut out, right sides together. Then pin along the neckline and side openings. (The sides with the armholes should not be pinned). Stitch together. 

Sew the armholes

Repeat with the armholes 

Keeping your vest and lining with the right sides together, pin the armholes in the same fashion. Sew together. 

Turn right side out

Turn it right side out 

Starting from the shoulder seams, pull your vest through and turn it right side out. 

Simple faux fur vest

Connect the vest 

Pull the lining from the fabric and match up the lining from the back and the sides. Do the same with the faux fur. Pin to secure. Make sure you do this on both sides and then sew to finish.

Sew the hem

Hem the vest 

Turn the vest inside out again and pin along the bottom to make a hem. Make sure to leave about three inches unpinned in the middle of the vest so that you can turn the vest right side out later on. Sew along the pins. Then, to finish, turn your vest right side out, and hand sew the three-inch opening closed. 

Women’s faux fur vest

I absolutely love this women’s faux fur vest! It is so easy to make your own and to style. Get creative with your patterns, linings, and colors. Make the shoulders wider or skinnier. It’s so easy to make this your own!

How to clean faux fur

Do you have some faux fur that could use some TLC? Check out this post on How to Clean Faux Fur!

Suggested materials:
  • Faux fur fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
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  • Sk.50248887 Sk.50248887 on Jan 26, 2021

    This would be good for children too

  • LorriLJ LorriLJ on Jan 27, 2021

    This is very helpful. You could also make it a duster vest by simply making the pattern longer. Keeps the tush toasty.