The Arlo Track Jacket by Friday Pattern Company.

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by Sew Like Romy

I got to test the new Arlo Track Jacket from Friday Pattern Company. In this post I’ll show two of my test versions and chat more about the process.

Friday Pattern Company (FPC) has a knack for making amazing patterns that have such a ease about them. Chelsea knows her stuff and she’s all about making her patterns as easy as possible. So when I initially said yes to testing this pattern I was nervous. I told Chelsea I was very much a beginner with knits. Now I do own a serger but I don‘t really know how to use it for knits yet so when I have done knits, it’s been with a stretch stitch on my sewing machine. Now that we know what I’m working with let’s dive right in.

For these particular testers I used some remnants I picked up from Harmony Provo and a thrifted sweater fabric. I had ordered some lush french terry to do a dreamy version but alas Covid foiled those plans since it’s currently still in Melbourne, Australia. One day soon it should arrive right? Considering I used remnants from my local store you’d think it’s probably ok looking. Nope it’s amazing! I love it, and it encouraged me to play with colours and texture. They weren’t necessarily the recommended fabrics but close to it. So they will be lighter jackets than intended. The floral Is a Robert Kaufman from their London Calling range and the lighter teal/blue and the deep pink solid are the most luscious t-shirt material I’ve ever felt sourced from Alabama Chanin by Harmony Provo.

Now let’s talk pattern. Keeping in mind I am a complete beginner with knits, this took me about 4 hours total from cut to sewing. The cutting would obviously take less time if you weren’t working with remnants like myself. It’s honestly so easy to put together that I was constantly concerned I was doing something wrong as I went. The zipper was even easy. Like what magic is this? My husband was even shocked. I say that because you all know this boy wants his own. Good time to mention this pattern is unisex! It also comes in different lengths which is so good for me since I have a short torso and my husband has a long torso. Saves me having to do any adjustments, huge plus! I made the size XL/Short version for reference.

Speaking of alterations, the only think I had to change in the tester was the length of my cuffs at the arms. I have monstrous arms for my size. I guess they match my legs. I’m not tall, but I have legs and arms for days. Haha. This is very much a personal alteration so overall this pattern is close to perfection. Anyway I won’t keep you any longer. Head on over to FPC and check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. No doubt I’ll be wearing this in 3 out of the 4 seasons. Spring and Autumn for sure and in winter for layering purposes. It’s just that inbetween jacket we all need. What you waiting for? Go, go, go!

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Sew Like Romy
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