This Jacket Was so Fun I Made Two!

by Koetiquemade
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Did I need another coat? Not really but this one was too cute to not make. I mean, come on. It has a quilted option and it’s perfect for flannel which is so in right now. I just couldn’t resist the temptation. The only problem is I’m a lazy sewist and I don’t really get along that well with bias tape. For that reason I chose to make a lined Coda Jacket my way and that means no bias tape.

I switched things up….

I cut the pattern pieces out with no alterations using a wide flannel from Joann’s for the outer and a charcoal ponte knit for the inside and hood. I then constructed the jacket just as the pattern directions say. The only difference is I attached the hood to both the outer and the inner part of the jacket. The directions have you attach it after the coat is finished with bias tape. I didn’t use bias tape so I attached it right after I assembld the body of the coat.

However, on the edges of the hood I turned it to the inside ½ inch where the edge of the hood meets the jacket. I did it on both the outer and inside hoods. That would make it easier to turn the edges to the inside once the jacket was turned the right way.

I left the hood open so I could turn the jacket to the right side. I probably could have just left a small section of the hood open to turn it but I didn’t want to do it that way. I wanted a big opening to make turning it effortless. I was going to stitch around the entirety of the jacket anyway so it worked out just fine doing it this way.

How I Finished it!

Once I turned the jacket to the right side I pinned the edges and did a stitch all the way around the jacket body and hood. Doing this closed the hood opening.

I folded the sleeve edges to the wrong side ½ inch and sewed around them too. Now it was all enclosed and completely lined. I finished it off with four ⅞ inch buttons rather than the five ½ inch buttons the pattern calls for. This was such a quick and simple make!

I really love the way it turned out! I especially like the hood in a different fabric. The sleeves are just long enough for me to roll them once and show the inside fabric that matches the hood. It was such a quick and fun make. Quite possibly my favorite thing I’ve sewn in a


Let’s Have Another!

This jacket was so fun in fact, that I immediately made my mom one to match mine. With a few difference: Hers has a flannel hood and a zipper for easy closure. Mine has a contrasting ponte hood and buttons.

The zipper was super easy to install. For this size medium jacket I used an 18 inch zipper. I assembled my moms jacket the same way I assembled mine but at the front where the zipper goes I simply unzipped the zipper and sandwiched it between the inside and outside layers of the jacket ⅝ inch up from the bottom edge.

Once pinned in place I sewed them together leaving the hood open like just like before. I trimmed the corners, clipped the curves and turned it right side out. It was then ironed and topstitched all around the jacket to keep it all in place and help it hold its shape.

That’s it! I'm happy to report that my dear mom loves it! I would have taken a picture of her modeling it, but she just had surgery and was in no mood to have her picture taken. I will however be snapping pictures as soon as she lets me. So stay tuned to my instagram if you want to see.

Let’s be friends!

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More About the Coda Quilted Jacket pattern:

The Coda Quilted Coat is a great piece to add to your outerwear collection that can

really make a statement. The coat can be pieced and quilted like a traditional quilt

pattern or you can sew it as a normal garment coat pattern without piecing and

quilting for a more everyday design. This is a great transitional pattern for quilters

who want to dip their toes into garment sewing OR for garment sewists who want

to try out quilting!

This pattern comes in sizes XS-5X and includes an optional full bust piece. The

Coda Quilted Coat is meant for woven fabrics that are pre-quilted or for quilters

cotton. Denims and twills can also be used.

Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards falnnel fabric (outer)   (Joann)
  • 2 yards ponte knit (liner)
  • One 18 inch separating zipper   (Joann)
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