2 Super-Unique Ways to Make DIY Bobby Pin Earrings

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In today’s tutorial, I'll show you how to make DIY bobby pin earrings. I chose to make one pair of earrings with seed beads, and one with long tube beads, but the variations you can create are endless. Happy DIY earring crafting!

Tools and materials:

  • Wirecutter
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Superglue
  • Wire
  • Beads of choice
  • Sandpaper or nail file
Cutting the wire

1. Cut

Cut about 6 centimeters (2.4 inches) of wire.

Bending the wire

2. Bend the end of the wire

With chain nose pliers, make a tiny bend on one end of the wire. 

Creating more wire bends to make the earring

3. Bend again

Measure approximately 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches) from the bend at the end of the wire, and bend the wire again to make a “C” shape. 

Easy DIY earrings

4. Add beads

Slide your beads onto the longer side of the wire. You can use seed beads for a classic look...

DIY earrings tutorial

...or one long metal tube bead for a sleek, modern look.  

How to make DIY bobby pin earrings

5. Glue

Put a tiny drop of superglue on the bottom of the last bead to hold it in place. 

Simple DIY earrings

6. Cut excess wire

Once the glue is dried, cut the excess wire. 

Basic DIY earrings using bobby pins

7. File edges

File the rough edges of the wire.

Bobby pin earrings design 1

Enjoy your beautiful new DIY bobby pin earrings!

Bobby pin earrings design 2

What do you think of these easy DIY bobby pin earrings? Which design do you like best? 

Suggested materials:
  • Wire cutter
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Superglue
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  • Jane Jane on Jul 31, 2021

    Yeah, I'm inspired. But there were no bobby pins listed - or pictured - on either of the material lists or on the picture captions. (Mind you, it's probably more hygienic to use craft wire.)

    • Emmy Emmy on Feb 03, 2022

      Don't use "real" bobby pins, it's just the name of the earring, like "crawler" earrings. I use regular jewelry wire. These are fun earrings to wear.

  • Debra Moore-Gruenloh Debra Moore-Gruenloh on Aug 03, 2021

    Thank you so much for your input!!