Easy DIY Faux Turquoise Earrings With Liquid Sculpey

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Create DIY Faux Turquoise Earrings with two of Liquid Sculpey's newest colors Charcoal Metallic and Turquoise. Sculpey has a wide variety of colors, molds, and tools to make all of your traditional clay and liquid clay projects quick and easy to complete, even for beginners. Use Fucshia Liquid Sculpey for a bright pop of color, Brown Metallic Liquid Sculpey for a faux bronze effect, and show your softer side with Liquid Sculpey Translucent Lavender.

Liquid Sculpey DIY Faux Turquoise Earrings

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Here's what you need to make Faux Turquoise with Liquid Clay:

Here's how to create Liquid Clay Faux Turquoise:


To begin the DIY Faux Turquoise Earrings, gather all supplies. I always like to start by reading the directions and instructions for all craft supplies. The Sculpey Jewelry Mold is a good one to start with because it is so versatile, including so many shapes and sets! I have to say that I LOVE the amazing assortment of new colors of Liquid Sculpey – Metallic Bronze, Metallic Charcoal, Transparent Lavender, Fuchsia, and Turquoise.


Then it's a good idea to make some test molds to see how the different colors of Liquid Sculpey will bake. Sometimes the colors will change slightly and either intensify or lighten. I created a few test molds with the Liquid Sculpey® Charcoal Metallic and the Liquid Sculpey® Turquoise to see how the colors baked up. Fill the mold shape, then bake it in the oven according to the package directions. Once cool, remove the shapes from the mold and allow it to cool completely.


I thought that the Liquid Sculpey® Charcoal Metallic looked a lot like the veins in the precious stone turquoise. Using a toothpick, draw uneven and random lines on the base and sides of the jewelry mold shape. Use photos of actual turquoise stones as a reference. Bake the Liquid Sculpey® Charcoal Metallic in the oven according to the directions on the package. Let cool before moving on to the next step.


Fill the rest of the mold with Liquid Sculpey® Turquoise allowing the Liquid Sculpey to self-level and fill in all the areas of the mold. Once filled, gently tap the mold on the baking tray to remove any air bubbles. This is an important step, because air bubbles may cause craters or voids in your finished project.


Bake a second time according to package directions, let cool, unmold, and then let cool completely. The randomness of the Charcoal Metallic veins looks just like the real precious stone Turquoise. I am super pleased with the final result! Since there is only one of the large teardrop shapes, repeat the above steps to create a second Faux Turquoise “stone” for the second earring.


Using jewelry pliers, add a jump ring through the hole at the top of each turquoise teardrop, thread an earring wire through each jump ring, and close the jump rings to complete the pair of earrings.

Quick and Easy DIY Faux Turquoise Earrings

I love how versatile Liquid Sculpey is. Creating fashionable jewelry is quick and easy with their line of Sculpey Tools oven-safe silicone molds and a wide variety of Liquid Sculpey colors. This set of Faux Turquoise Earrings took about 30 minutes to create and would be perfect to make as a gift. Teens and tweens would love to make these as a party craft, and it would be a fun crafternoon project to create with your girlfriends. Look at the amazing sparkle and depth of color!

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