How to Make a DIY Hard Headband With an Adorable Embroidered Design

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Headbands are great, but most times, they come out a little on the flimsy side. So, I decided to make a DIY hard headband tutorial to show you how to sew a headband that stays in place.

So, if you want to get the exact measurements and the free headband sewing pattern to make one yourself, page down to see how it’s done!

Tools and materials:

DIY headband sewing pattern

1. Measure and cut the fabric

Cut two rectangles of linen and interfacing fabric measuring 20 x 50cm (7.87 x 19.68 inches) each. 

Ironing the interfacing onto the fabric

2. Iron the interfacing

Now, lay your linen fabric down and place the fusible side of the interfacing fabric down on the linen. Then, iron the layers, so the interfacing sticks in place. Make two pieces like this. 

Tracing the headband sewing pattern

3. Trace the fabric

Print and cut the DIY hard headband pattern. Now, tape the pattern in the middle and lay it on the center of your hard fabric piece. Trace the pattern with a pen. 

Embroidery design for the DIY hard headband

Also, trace or draw the embroidery design you wish to include. 

Embroidering the floral design

4. Embroider the design

Place an embroidery hoop around the floral design and start embroidering the pattern using colors of your choice. 

Cutting out the headband sewing pattern

5. Assemble the DIY headband

Cut around the pattern, using a little seam allowance, as shown. 

Embroidered headband pattern pieces

This is what you should have. 

How to make a hard headband

Place the fabric piece without the floral design onto the other piece, right sides facing. 

How to sew a headband

Sew around the pattern by hand. You could opt for a sewing machine if it makes it easier for you.

Also, leave a small gap open on top so you can turn it right sides out afterward. Do not stitch the short ends, either. 

Turning the fabric inside out

Turn the headband inside out and stitch the gap closed. 

Pressing the headband with an iron

Then, press the headband. 

Inserting a plastic Alice band

Insert a plastic Alice band through the sides of the fabric, as shown. 

Folding the fabric to create a bow

Fold the top fabric inwards, on both sides. This will create a cute bow-like structure. 

Stitching the folds at the bottom to hold

Stitch the folds to secure them in place. Make sure only to stitch them around the bottom side so no threads are visible on the top. 

Sewing a bow piece for the headband

6. Add the finishing touches

Now, take a piece of linen fabric measuring 6 x 15cm (2.36 x5.90 inches). Fold in half lengthwise, and stitch along the raw edges. 

Wrapping the bow pieces over the folds

Place it over the folded part of the bow and sew the ends to secure it in place. 

DIY hard headband

DIY hard headband with embroidery

DIY hard headband tutorial

Your beautiful DIY hard headband is complete! I hope you enjoyed this great tutorial on how to make a hard headband from scratch. What color fabric will you be choosing?

Let me know in the comments below. See you next time for another awesome DIY. 

Suggested materials:
  • Linen
  • Embroidery threads
  • Interfacing fabric
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