DIY Holiday Wooden Star Earrings

by 80991676
2 Materials
5 Minutes

Holidays are here, I have made some simple DIY Wooden Star Earrings.

See the simple use of wooden start ready made, using wire and some simple jewelry making tools.

These earrings can be worn and or used in a pin or for a design for a tree or some marsh mellow trees. OR a ornament for a tree !

I used some reused wire, I had for some time now, some simple tools and wooden stars.

Use these simple steps to create your own simple DIY Holiday Wooden Star Earrings.

Step 1 Get tools

Step 2 Get Wire , use 26-28 gauge

Step 3 Cut the desires length for just a jump ring about 2-3 in. of wire and use the tool :pliers to bend to a circle

Step 4 Cut the length desires for a ear wire, use pliers and a pencil for a ear

wire and or a jump ring form

Step 5 Attach to the star

Step 6 File Ear Wire Tips Smoothe

The it, simple DIY!


File Rough Ends of Ear Wire

Form Jump Ring and Ear Wire > Use any around non used pencil

Ready Made Wooden Stars from the craft store

Use Wire and curl the wire for the ear wire attachment to the earring and jump ring, cut just above the ear wire curl

Use Pencil to form

Ear Wire

Add Ear Wire to Star and add Plastic Ear Backing

Suggested materials:
  • Pencil, Pliers, Cutters, File, Wire   (Michaels)
  • Wooden Ornament Star   (99 Cent Store Craft Section)

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