How to Make Strong Fake Nails Out of Masking Tape & Nail Glue

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In this DIY, I’m going to show you how to make fake nails using masking tape. This might seem odd at first, but it is actually a really effective way to make fake nails and is also a cheaper alternative to buying them in a store.

In my previous tutorial, I showed you how to make washi tape nails. Today, it's masking tape!

Follow along as I show you how to transform a roll of masking tape into strong and sturdy fake nails.

Tools and materials:

  • Masking tape
  • Nail glue
  • Nail file
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish
  • Tweezers
Cutting the masking tape

1. Cut the tape

Start by placing some masking tape on your thumb, and then proceed to cut the tape where it meets the end of the width of your nail.

Pressing the masking tape onto the nail

2. Press onto the nail

Next, put the tape onto your nail, push it down well, and pinch it at the sides so that it fits the shape of your nail.

Trimming the shape of the masking tape nail

3. Trim the tape

Use your scissors to snip the two corners on the bottom of the nail and create more of a curved shape that will better fit the shape of your nail.

Once done, place the masking tape back on your nail and press it down.

Layering masking tape to make fake nails

4. Cut a second layer

Now you’re going to thicken the masking tape nail. To do this, cut off another piece of masking tape that is bigger than the one you already have.

Place your nail cutout on top of this larger piece and then cut around it so that the second layer is the exact same size.

Masking tape nail ideas

5. Cut a third layer

Repeat the previous step again with a third layer of tape.

Once done, place the three-layered masking tape nail on your nail and press it down.

Applying nail glue

6. Apply glue to nail

Next, take your nail glue and apply it to your nail. Then place the tape nail on your thumbnail and press it down.

Applying nail glue on top of the nail

7. Add glue to the outside

Proceed to apply nail glue to the top of the tape nail. This will stiffen and strengthen it.

Squeezing the masking tape nail with tweezers

8. Let dry 

Use long tweezers to hold the nail in place on either side as it dries. This will ensure that the fake nail curves and matches the shape of your actual nail.

Filing the masking tape nail

9. File the nail

Once the fake nail has dried onto your nail, take a nail file and file around the bottom, sides, and top to ensure that the nail is true to your actual nail shape.

Also, file the surface of the nail for a nice clean finish.

Applying clear nail polish on top of nails

10. Apply nail polish

Finish off the look by applying clear nail polish. Then, repeat the whole process for all of your other nails.

DIY masking tape nails

That is how you can use masking tape to make strong and sturdy fake nails! As I said, this is a great alternative for when you don’t have any other fake nails to hand.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and you’ll give it a go!

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Suggested materials:
  • Masking tape
  • Nail glue
  • Nail file
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