How to DIY an Easy Protein Treatment for Curly Hair

Luisa Louis
by Luisa Louis
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Bonjour everyone! Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a DIY protein treatment especially formulated for wavy and curly hair.

I’m starting with this before image of my day 3 curls that are in dire need of revival. The curls feel dry, brittle and they look over-elongated.

Tools and materials:

  • Rice water
  • Honey
  • 1 egg
  • 5 oz yogurt
  • Whisk
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Cosmetic bottle
  • Shower cap
  • Microfiber hair towel
  • Shampoo
  • Leave-in conditioner
Curly hair

1. Add yogurt, 1 egg and honey into a bowl

Start by emptying a small yogurt (about 5 oz) into your mixing bowl. The yogurt flavor isn’t critical–I used blueberry!

Mixing ingredients

Crack 1 egg into the yogurt.

Mixing ingredients

Then add about 1 tablespoon of honey into the mixture. Then mix with a whisk until well blended. 


2. Add rice water and mix

Now, shake the rice water container and add about 2 tablespoons to the bowl. Then mix again.

Shaking mixture

3. Transfer to a cosmetic bottle

Once everything is well blended, transfer the mixture to a bottle. 

Transferring to bottle

4. Apply your DIY protein hair treatment

Now that your protein treatment is complete, wash your hair as usual. Then, apply with your fingers to wet hair generously. 

Applying DIY protein hair treatment

Also work the treatment through with a brush.

Applying DIY protein hair treatment

You want to really saturate your hair, plus you shouldn’t save the concoction because the yogurt gives it a short shelf life.

So, I definitely recommend that you apply the treatment in the bathroom to avoid making a mess. 

5. Cover your hair

Soak a small microfiber towel in warm-hot water, as hot as you can stand, and place it on your head. 

Covering hair

Then cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag.

Mine is a shower cap that can be heated in the microwave, so I heated it as well and put it on top of the warm towel.

Leave this on for about 25 minutes.

Covering hair

6. Shower off the treatment and style

In the shower, rinse off the treatment with warm water. Then shampoo your hair and detangle.

Once the hair is clean, put some rice water in a cup or bowl and dunk your ends in it and then pour the rest over your head.

Then squeeze out the excess liquid. Finally, apply leave-in conditioner and scrunch your curls.

Scrunching curls

Diffuse your hair to dry. Here are my final results! My curls feel more hydrated and defined. 

Before DIY protein treatment for hair

Here you can see the before and after, side by side:

Before and after DIY protein treatment for hair

DIY protein treatment for hair

Every ingredient in this DIY protein hair treatment is natural and serves a purpose. The yogurt restores moisture to the hair and scalp.

The egg improves hair elasticity, adds shine and heals damage. The honey seals in the moisture and strengthens hair follicles.

The rice water aids with hair regeneration and contains amino acids and vitamins that provide nourishment that your hair needs.

The heat step allows your hair to absorb all of these benefits. 

I hope you enjoy making and using this DIY protein treatment for hair. For another curly girl hair DIY, check out my easy flax seed gel recipe

Suggested materials:
  • Rice water
  • Honey
  • 1 egg
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