How to Do the Perfect Wolf Cut on Curly Hair - Easy DIY Hairstyle

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Today, I want to show you how to do a wolf cut on curly hair. This style and cut are commonly seen on straight hair, but it’s possible to achieve the wolf cut hairstyle on naturally curly hair too! Let’s get started.

What is a wolf cut?

A wolf cut is often described as a hairstyle somewhere between a shag and a mullet. A wolf cut has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers at the bottom. It works best on long hair.

Tools and materials:

  • Brush
  • Hair scissors
  • Scrunchies
Brushing out curly hair

1. Brush hair

The first thing you’ll want to do is to brush out your hair really well, removing any knots or tangles so your hair is easier to work with.

Brushing hair forward to the front

2. Put your hair in a ponytail

Next, brush your hair forward from the back to create a ponytail at the front of your head. 

Tying hair in a ponytail at the front

The ponytail should be in the center of your forehead.

How to do a wolf cut

3. Add scrunchies

Next, add two more scrunchies down the ponytail. This is to keep the hair clumped together at the same length. 

How to do a wolf cut on curly hair

4. Cut

Now, we’re going to start cutting. I highly recommend only cutting a little at a time. You can always remove more hair but you can never add hair back, so it's best to be cautious and go little by little.

I like to start by cutting off an inch.

Point cutting the hair ends

Another tip is to cut upwards into the hair to avoid those blunt, sharp ends for a more natural look. This is called point cutting.

Parting the hair and taking the top section

5. Part hair in the front

Remove the scrunchies and part your hair at your temples. 

Tying the section of hair with scrunchies

Then, create that same front ponytail using the scrunchies to clump the hair as you did before.

Cutting off an inch from the bottom

6. Cut 

Again, cut off an inch of your hair as done previously.

Point cutting the blunt ends

Cut into those blunt edges.

Parting hair down the middle

7. Part hair down the middle and in the front

Part hair down the middle.

Taking the very front section of hair

Then, create two smaller, diagonal parts with your hair in the front, creating a triangle part.

How to do a wolf cut with bangs

8. Cut bangs

With this part, we’re going to create some bangs. To do this, twist the parted hair and pull it straight down so it’s taut. 

Twisting and cutting the bangs

Then cut. If you want shorter bangs, then you can cut off more. I’m going for longer bangs, so I’m cutting off less hair.

Point cutting the bangs

Twist the hair again and then cut in to remove any blunt edges.

Here’s the finished curly wolf cut!

DIY curly wolf cut

Back of the DIY curly wolf cut

Wolf cut for curly hair tutorial

I love the nice V-shape that it creates in the back. The wolf cut hairstyle is a great way to create a shaggy, layered, tousled look if you’re looking for a way to spice up your look.

It looks great and is relatively low maintenance, making it a popular DIY hairstyle. If you plan on trying out a wolf cut, let me know how it turns out! 

Suggested materials:
  • Brush
  • Hair scissors
  • Scrunchies

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  • KC Cauthen Honaker KC Cauthen Honaker on Feb 26, 2022

    Apparently great minds think alike! I cut my hair in similar procedures! Was the easiest way for me to cut or trim my hair by myself; and it’s trimmed by the moon phases whether for growth or fullness etc.💜

    • Terri Terri on Mar 04, 2022

      Oooh!! Please share these moon phase hair cutting techniques!

  • Ally Ally on Nov 05, 2022

    for someone like myself; not confident with hair scissors, should I wet/wash my hair before attempting it. You make it look so easy! Thank you