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Ah, Winter! The time we get to really enjoy that hot cocoa and wear the comfiest pair of slippers ever! You can make your own DIY slippers with this sewing slippers tutorial! Make your own comfy pair of DIY slippers with fur and enjoy the feeling of warmth and coziness on cold winter nights.

Want to learn how to make fur slippers? I’ve got you covered. Let’s start!

Tools and materials:

  • Fleece fabric
  • Wool fabric
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Shoe for size
Drawing around shoes

Making the bottom DIY slippers pattern

1. Make the bottom DIY slippers pattern

On a piece of paper, trace the sole of your shoe, as shown. Then, draw a mark in the center. Remember to widen the inner corners of the sole. 

Cut around the pattern

Now, fold your paper in half, and cut around the pattern.

Drawing the DIY slippers pattern

2. Make the top part

On another clean sheet of paper, mark the middle and start tracing the outline of the first pattern. 

Measuring shoes

How to make faux fur slippers

Next, measure your actual shoe, from the top to the opening in the middle. Then, mark that measurement on your pattern. 

Measuring and drawing a slipper pattern

Also, mark the widest part of the shoe in the center and transfer the measurement on your paper, as shown. 

How to make DIY slippers

Now, connect the lines. 

Making DIY slippers

The connecting point in the middle will be the opening of the slipper, so draw a 1cm (0.39 inches) mark on either side and then draw vertical lines from each mark downward. 

Finishing the DIY slipper pattern

Finish the pattern with straight, connecting lines on the sides and bottom. 

Folding and cutting the pattern

Fold your pattern in half and cut around the pattern. Also, cut out the middle rectangle.

Ready to make DIY slippers

Now you have a top and bottom part! Ready to make DIY sheepskin slippers? Let’s get sewing.

Cutting the fleece fabric

3. Cut the pattern

Now, pin the pattern onto your soft fleece fabric and cut around accordingly. 

Cutting fabric pieces for the DIY slippers

Make sure to fold the fabric, so you have two layers, and leave 1cm (0.39 inches) for seam allowance. Also, repeat this for the bottom part of the DIY slippers. 

Fleecey faux fur fabric for the slippers

For the lining, use a faux fur fabric. Place the front and bottom fleece pieces on the lining, and cut around. 

Folding the fabric ready to sew

Sewing slippers tutorial

4. Sew the slippers

Starting with the top fleece layers, fold each piece in half, and sew the bottom edge. Also, snip the top tip of each piece. 

Cutting the tips

Fold the bottom piece in half, mark the middle, and cut the tips on both sides, too. 

How to sew DIY slippers

Now, pin and sew both of these layers together, right sides facing. 

DIY slippers with fur

Do the same for the top lining piece, but do not stitch a straight line across the bottom. Rather, stitch on both sides of the bottom edge and leave an opening in the middle. 

How to make faux fur slippers

For the front and bottom piece, repeat the same process as the outer fabric. Pin together, and stitch all around. 

DIY sheepskin slippers

Turn the lining fabric right sides out and insert it into the front-facing piece. Pin the edges of the opening.

Sewing DIY slippers with fur

Stitch the lining and outer fabric together. 

Turning the lining right sides out

Remember the opening in the lining? Well, it’s time to use that gap to turn the lining right sides out. 

Inserting the faux fur lining into a slipper

Now, put the lining back into the slipper, as shown. 

Hand-sewing the gap closed

Finally, stitch the gap closed and do this by hand, so it’s easier to get to the raw edges. 

Adding non-slip lines

5. Add non-slip lines (optional)

To be safe, add a little hot glue onto the soles of the DIY slippers to ensure you won’t slip. Pretty cool hack, huh? 

DIY slippers

DIY slippers tutorial

So, there you have it - comfy DIY slippers with faux fur! I love how you can literally make these DIY slippers to fit anyone’s size. It’s also super easy, and you can be as creative as you want.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thanks for tuning in! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fleece fabric
  • Wool fabric
  • Paper
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