DIY Towel Wrap

3 Materials
10 Minutes

The best way to dry your hair with no drawbacks is to wrap it in a towel and let it slowly dry up, experts claim. The problem with that method is that it can feel uncomfortable because of the tucked bit pressing your head. Another issue is that the towel tends to unwrap as you move.

But with a towel wrap, those drawbacks are no more! Not only that, but you can make a towel wrap in around twenty minutes! All you need is a bit of enthusiasm, basic sewing supplies, and this tutorial!

Prepare the fabric

Take the towel you’ll be repurposing and fold it in half. It should be about 27 inches big when folded.

Download and print out the free towel wrap pattern over at HelloSewing.

Transfer the pattern measurements onto the towel. Make sure that the medium-length straight edge is on the fold.

Cut out the fabric through both layers.


icon DOWNLOAD: free towel wrap pattern

Sew the towel wrap

Check if the edges of the layers are aligned and pin them together.

Cut a 3-inch piece of elastic and fold it in half. Put it between the layers next to the shortest edge of the fabric. Keep the raw edge of the loop aligned with the shortest edge of the fabric.

Zig-zag around the whole thing. Leave the longest straight edge unstitched for turning.

Finish the towel wrap

Only one thing left to do and your DIY towel wrap will be ready for action.

Use a needle and a thread and sew on a button onto the edge opposite of the one with the loop.

Now you can dry your hair without damaging it!

Suggested materials:
  • Bath towel
  • Button
  • Elastic

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