How to DIY Super Cute Tweed Nails

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Tweed nails are a trend right now and in this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to achieve them.

I’ll be showing you how to paint a solid tweed nail, as well as some other tweed designs that you can go for to add a bit of variety to the look. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Nail polish (brown and cream)
  • Gel nail paint (pink, white and brown)
  • Nail polish glue
  • Pearl nail charms
  • UV light
  • Caviar beads
  • Shiny top coat
  • Matte top coat
Painting nails

1. Paint nails

For the solid tweed nail, start by painting your nail in a light brown, sort of caramel color.

Cure the nails and then go in with a second coat.

Drawing lines and crosses

2. Draw on pink lines and crosses

Then take pink gel paint and a very fine brush. Draw lots of small straight lines all over the nail. Then paint on some dashes.

Don’t worry about the dashes crossing through all the vertical lines - they don’t have to look super uniform.

I wanted to make it as quick and easy as possible, I’m not making it super intricate.

Once done, cure the nails.

Drawing lines and crosses

3. Draw on white lines and crosses

Now take the white gel paint and do the same again. You don’t need to do quite as many lines and dashes as you did with the pink polish.

Try to apply the white polish in the gaps but also don’t worry about going over some of the pink bits. When done, cure the nails.

Drawing lines and crosses

4. Draw on brown lines and crosses

Now go in with brown gel paint and once again, paint on some lines followed by some dashes.

Do a bit less than the white which was a bit less than the pink. Then cure the nails.

Adding pearl charm

5. Add pearl charm

Let's put some gold pearly bits on here!

Apply some nail glue to the base of the nails. Then we’re going to add on a gold and pearl nail charm. 

Painting a swoop

6. Paint a swoop

Now for the nails that aren’t going to have a solid tweed design, you want to paint them in cream.

Then paint a swoop across the nail with the caramel color and fill in that outer section. Then cure the nail and go in with a second coat.

Painting a swoop

On another nail do an upside-down loop, just to make it a little different and fill it in.

Once again, the outer section should be brown and the inner section should be cream.

Once again, cure the nail and go in with a second coat.

Progress shot

7. Paint the tweed design

Then paint the tweed designs on the outer, brown sections of these nails as you did before.

First, go in with the pink nail polish, then the white, and then the brown, using the same technique as before. 

Adding pearls and beads

8. Add pearls and beads

Then we're going to add some pearls and caviar beads on the curves. I went for beads in a rose gold as that goes with the brown and the pink.

Place glue where you’d like the pearls and beads to go and then proceed with your design.

On one nail, I put three pearls in the middle and then arranged the beads into a little triangle of three on either end.

On another nail, I placed the caviar beads next to each other in a line.

Once done, cure the nails. This will dry the glue and fix the beads into place.

Adding top coat

9. Add top coat

Finish up by adding a top coat.

I decided to add a shiny top coat to the cream sections and a matte top coat to the tweed sections. Once done, cure the top coat.

DIY tweed nails

DIY tweed nails

There we have our finished nails. We have a solid tweed design as well as two other options that have a curved cream section in.

I feel like pearls and tweed go so well together and so the little embellishments complement the design just perfectly.

I feel like this tweed design is a bit like marmite, people are either going to love it or hate it!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Nail polish (brown and cream)
  • Gel nail paint (pink, white and brown)
  • Nail polish glue
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