How to DIY Super Cute Prada Dupe Leg Warmers

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Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to show you an awesome Prada leg warmer DIY.

Prada leg warmers

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Here is our designer inspiration for these thrift flip leg warmers:

These are some slouchy, super cool leg warmers!

Leg warmers

Leg warms look cool and effortless, yet also kind of sexy.

They lean into that ballet-core trend. The slouchiness on the leg creates a flattering balance of proportion. So let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Cable knit sweater
  • Seam ripper
  • Fabric scissors
  • Embroidery floss
  • Needle
  • Washable marker
Leg warmers

1. Detach sleeves from a thrifted sweater

Most sweater sleeves are connected to the body with an individual thread.

So, if you can just cut through to release the thread, you’ll end up with the leg warmer pieces and a clean-finished vest piece. This means you don’t need to hem or sew them. 

Flip the sweater inside out and use your thumbs to separate the fabric at the seam. 

Detaching sleeves

Then use seam rippers or scissors to carefully cut apart at this connection between the sleeves and the body. 

Detaching sleeves

2. Adjust leg warmer size

Try on the sleeves as legwarmers. If they are too slouchy, or go underneath your heel like mine were, you will need to make adjustments.

I used embroidery floss to sew down the leg warmers vertically to give them a tighter fit. You’re welcome to use a sewing machine if you’d like. 

Adjusting size

I decided to make the leg warmers fuller at the ankle area by curving out my sewing just a little bit.

Then, on the part that goes over the foot, I pulled back a little bit so that I wouldn’t end up stepping on the fabric.

To see just how I sewed this, check out the video at 3:03 -3:34.

Knotting thread

Knot your thread at the end, remove the needle and excess thread and cut the extra fabric outside of your stitching.

Cutting fabric

3. Tighten the stitch

After sewing once, I decided to go over it to tighten the stitch.

Just flip it and sew in the other direction. You probably won’t need to do this if you use a sewing machine. 

Tightening stitch

4. Mark your 2nd leg warmer

After finishing the size adjustment to your 1st leg warmer, trace a few anchor points of the outline onto the other piece with a washable marker, like you would with a pattern. 

Marking fabric

Then sew in the same exact way.

Making 2nd leg warmer

5. Reverse

Now, just reverse the tubes and if you see any areas where the stitching still looks loose, you can flip them inside out again and repair with more sewing. 


DIY Prada leg warmers 

That was so easy! And once I put them on with a little mini skirt, I loved them so much more than I thought I would. 

DIY Prada leg warmers

I love these designer leg warmers pulled up over the knee and also slouchy around the calf. 

DIY Prada leg warmers

Make a pair of these Prada inspired leg warmers yourselves and show us your looks in the comments below!

To find out what you can do with the rest of your sweater from this thrift flip, check out this safety pin sweater tutorial here

Suggested materials:
  • Cable knit sweater
  • Seam ripper
  • Fabric scissors
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