Bra Hack for Dresses With the Back Showing

Backless dresses are so beautiful but sometimes they can be a pain when it comes to figuring out which bra to wear with the dress. If the dress cuts too low then it shows your bra strap. If you're lucky and find a strapless bra that doesn't show it's band then you still have the other issue of the bra sliding down. Anyone who has work a strapless bra knows it SUCKS having to keep pulling it up because it slides.

That's why this hack is PERFECT!

All you need is a bra that has removable straps... follow along

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Grab your bra and remove the straps from where they connect in the front

Connect one strap to the bra clasp

Connect the other strap to the part that connects to the bra clasp

Now put your bra on like normal and pull the bra straps to the front

Connect these two pieces in the front

Here is a front and back view of how it should look

And once I put it on under my dress you'll notice it's completely hidden!

Thanks so much for watching my reel and reading my tutorial. If you like tips, hacks and fun hairstyles follow me on my other pages.


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  • P P on Jan 01, 2023

    wear panties that match your skin tone instead of white ones & they won't show thru thin dresses or slacks!

    • Donna Donna on Jan 03, 2023

      They will show through a thin dress or slacks...

  • Jean Woodall Jean Woodall on Feb 21, 2024

    I just add Nippies sticky/backed nipple covers since my bras show underneath most of my clothing. I am allergic to polyester, nylon, and rayon. My bras are usually a natural fiber and pull-on style. Only a few brands work for me since I'm a 34GG or 32HH.