You Can Add a Flounce Ruffle to Anything!

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I love a little extra detail on an outfit. Sometimes a small thing like a ruffle can make a big difference. Flounce ruffles are a great way to breathe life back into a once loved clothing item. I love them because there is no gathering involved. Adding one to something isn’t as hard as you might think. It just takes a little math. You don't even have to be good at it either. After this you'll want to put them on all the things!

First you find the circumference of where you want to add you Ruffle and you divide it by 6.28. I have a whole blog post explaining this if you want a more in depth explanation. For this all you need to know is this formula: Circumference ÷ 6.28= ½ diameter.

For the above sleeve, I laid it flat making sure it wasn't being pulled or stretched in any way. I measured it 7.25 inches but for stretchy fabrics I always round down. So I did 7 inches. I multiplied it by 2 because there is a back side and that gave me the circumference of 14 inches. Now, 14(circumference) divided by 6.28= 2.229 inches. I just rounded down to 2 inches to make it easy. Again, my fabric is very stretchy.

Ok here's where you use that measurement from above. I just used printer paper. Starting at the corner of the paper, use a ruler and measure out 2 inches and make a mark. Pivot from the corner and make another mark. Make sure you are keeping your ruler at the corner. Keep pivoting until you have made it to the other edge of the paper. Connect the marks and you have an arch. This will be the inside of the flounce that connects to opening.

Now decide how long of a ruffle you want it to be and account for seam allowance. For the above ruffle I wanted it to be roughly 2 inches. You would need to add more if you plan on hemming yours. I don't usually hem my knit fabric because it doesn't fray. Measure out from the first arch to the edge and make a mark. Continue measuring out from the arch edge until you get to the other side of the paper. Connect the marks and you have two arches. Now Cut on both arch lines and you have a pattern. You can name your pattern piece so you will have it for later projects if you want.

Because it's only 1/4 of the pattern, we have to fold our fabric a certain way to make the whole flounce. Here's what you do. Take your fabric and fold it once vertically. Then fold it again this time horizontally. Or vice versa. You should have what looks like one fold on one side and two folds on another side. Place your pattern on it as shown above and cut it out.

Now you have a cute flounce ruffle you can add to a maxi dress sleeve.

Or you can add it to the bottom of a dress for length.

You can even add it to the bottom of a simple t-shirt to make it a peplum.

So whether you are adding one flounce ruffle or several, now you know exactly how to do it. It's super simple and fun to do.

I'd love to see what you add flounce ruffles to! Leave me some pictures in the comments or tag me @koetiquemade on instagram.

Suggested materials:
  • 1/2-1 yard Stretchy Fabric
  • Paper
  • Pencil
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